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Valentine's Day Writing Center Ideas

Let's take a look at our Valentine's writing center! This is perfect for at home or in the classroom! We hung Valentine's themed vocabulary so we could see the words and access the spelling if we need to.  

What I love about this writing center is there are multiple writing opportunities for each theme.  Here is the link to the February Writing Center in my TPT Store.  There are 5 different themes, that way you can have the students write about a different topic each week of the month!  There are tons of writing options for you to differentiate among your learners so EVERYONE will be able to have a writing activity that will be perfect for their independent level.  For the month of February there are the themes that are included:
-Groundhog's Day
-Valentine's Day
-Pizza Parlor
-US Symbols
-Dental Health

If you are looking for a writing center to use every month in kindergarten, click here for the year-long bundle

Letter Writing at Home

I want to show you how we changed it into a letter writing center at home.  My son was enjoying making Valentine's cards for our neighbors and family members and he kept asking how to spell their names.  I decided to switch out the Valentine's Day vocabulary for family names!  

I found a picture of our family members and wrote their name under it.  That way when he makes a card for one of them he can find their picture and see how to spell their name!

I found a bunch of different Valentine's Day craft supplies at Michaels.  Here is what I included:
-heart stamps and stamp pads
-two different blank Valentine's Day cards for him to freely write and draw

I put this card making center and for about 3 weeks, two times a day I would find him making a card.  It was SHOCKED it kept his attention for that long!  

I have the little "LOVE NOTES" header as a FREEBIE for you!  Just click here to download it!

Happy Writing!

February Morning Work for Kindergarten

Morning work for kindergarten is a great way to start the day with a warmup and familiar review.  February Kindergarten Morning Work is a solution no matter if you are teaching remotely, at home, or in the classroom!

Each month, I have a Kindergarten Morning Work Resource that includes 6 Boom Cards, which are digital task card games that can be played on any device that has internet.  These games are self checking and can be played independently!  I also have a printable version of the morning work so you can make packets or complete one printable a day.

February Boom Cards for Kindergarten

For the month of February there are 3 ELA skills that we are focusing on:
šŸ’Isolating the ending sound in a CVC word
šŸ’Reading a sentence and picking the CVC word
šŸ’Listening for the long vowel sound in a word

For the month of February there are 3 Math skills that we are focusing on:
šŸ’Practicing addition with number bonds

Kindergarten Morning Work for February

You can also take advantage of the printable version, where the students are practicing the SAME skills as the Boom Cards, they are just completing it on paper instead.  There is one page for ELA and Math for each day, so you can photocopy it back to back, or print whatever pages you need.

You can grab the February Boom Card resource HERE.
You can grab the February Morning Work Printables HERE.
Or the bundle of the two HERE.

Kindergarten Writing Center

This is the ULTIMATE Kindergarten Writing Center resource. This writing center is designed to be used in the classroom or to send a writing folder home to use for distance learning. Each month comes with 5 themes and multiple writing options for each theme.  This way, you can personalize the writing assignments for each student depending on their writing skills.  They can all be writing on the same topic, but be working at their own level.

The idea is for you to use one theme a week for the month. Within each theme there are over 35 worksheets for you to use to meet your students' needs. This resource is designed so no matter where your students are on their journey to becoming independent writers there are multiple skills they can practice at their level. 

Here are the skills/resources included for every theme:

1. vocabulary cards

2. vocabulary lists

3. vocabulary sheets

4. folder cover (editable version included)

5. checklists for you to assign weekly work (editable version included)

6. vocabulary sheets (3 versions)

7. labeling sheets (two versions)

8. make a list (3 versions)

9. sentence writing sheets (10 versions)

10. story sequencing (2 versions)

11. story elements (2 versions)

You can either design this as a writing center in your classroom or prepare a folder for the students to take home. I have included posters that are full sheets of paper or mini versions to glue and laminate into the writing folders. These posters include:

-color words

-number words


-sight words (editable version included)

-sentence stems (editable version included)

-sentence best practices

-folder covers (editable version included)

CLICK HERE to see the mega bundle that will have each month's writing center!

Pre-Reading Strategies - 4 Tips on Teaching Kids How to Read! FREEBIE

Where do you start when it comes to teaching children how to read?  I have taught so many TK/Kindergarten students how to read over the years and then something magical happened....it was finally time to teach MY OWN son how to read!  We have been practicing 4 pre-reading strategies at home, the same ones I use in the classroom, and he is working though the process of learning those foundational skills to start his reading journey.

There are 4 areas I focus on first when teaching children how to read:
✅ Letter Knowledge
✅ Phonological Awareness
✅ Letter Sounds
✅ Blending Sounds to Read Words

I have a 50 page download for you that will focus on each strategy.  For each strategy I give you an explanation of what it is, teaching tips, learning activities, and printables to teach with!  This would be perfect for teachers, teachers to send home to parents, homeschool parents, or anyone who is ready to start teaching kids how to read!

Click on the image below to sign up for my newsletter, and I will immediately send you an email with this 50 page freebie!  I hope you enjoy!