Erin Condren- Back to School

Erin Condren did it again.  Her company designed GORGEOUS, new prints for the back to school season.  My favorite of their new featured prints are the flamingos and water color print.  Take a look at the box of goodies they sent me.

I snapped a picture of some of my favorite Back to School Items.  The flamingo notebook has a laminated, interchangeable cover (you can switch it out if you want a new look), and I personalized it with my name!  I also fell in love with the erasers and designer pencils.

Here is a closer look at the watercolor notebook.  The cover is really smooth and thick, with high quality paper inside.  I am going to be using this for a personal journal.

I am going to be bringing my lunch in this Blossom Lunch Tote!  My mom came over the other day and she was obsessed with this, I am going to get her a matching one!  #twins

Here is another item from the watercolor line.  These designer pocket folders are SUPER thick, and are really soft.  I am going to use these for staff meetings, so I can keep all of my notes in one place.

Erin Condren always nails it with eye catching prints on her writing utensils.  The pencils come sharpened for you and have gorgeous prints on them.  I love using colorful pencils so I can spot them around the classroom.  The highlighters are bright and full of ink, perfect for making notes on student's papers!

I am really excited about these mini sticky storage pockets.  The back has an adhesive sticker so you can stick them to anything to create a new pocket!  These would be perfect for the wall behind my desk, or inside any binder or notebook.

Last but not least are some classroom stickers to decorate my journal and lesson plan binder!

Erin Condren sent me these products to review, and I am so excited that I could share my opinions about it with you!  The best part is, if you use my referral link you can get $10 off your first time purchase!  Once you create a new account using my referral link, a $10 off coupon code will be emailed to you.  If you buy one, please let me know what you think!  

September Academic Sensory Bins

For the last 5 years, I have been using sensory bins in my classroom.  Sensory bins are really popular among stay at home moms, and are often used with toddlers to encourage them to explore new objects and materials.  I love incorporating them into the classroom because 4 and 5 year olds still need that tactile exploration as well as academic rigor.  ;)  I decided to compile the resources that I use in my classroom for you to use in your classroom as well!  I would like to introduce September Academic Sensory Bins.


 There are four different games included and one EDITABLE game as well, so you can make your own game for the students.

The first activity is a letter hunt.  The students pick a letter from the sensory bin, and write it down on the recording sheet.  For differentiation, you can have the students write what letter that comes before/after or write the corresponding upper/lowercase letter.

Next I want the students practicing number recognition.  I included numbers 1-16, normally we just focus on numbers 1-5 in September, but I wanted to give you more options if you need it.

I included two different recording sheets for the letter and number sensory bins so you can choose if you want a blank square or lines for the students to write on.

My favorite back to school topic is practicing color awareness.  This activity allows the student to pick a card, then color a crayon to match the color they picked.  This also comes with black and white picture cards if you want to test their color awareness.

Another back to school skill is practicing shapes.  For the first month of school we focus on just a couple of shapes.  This activity has the students practice recognizing shapes.  The students pick a card, and then color a corresponding shape in each box!

My favorite component of this sensory bin resource is that I made an editable version just for YOU!  You can type your own text into the apples, and write your own directions on the recording sheets.  I have the printables in PowerPoint and you can type directly on them!  I also included a page for you to type your own sensory bin rules!  I would use this resource to write the students' names and have them write them down for practice!

Grab it at a discounted price HERE!

Mush Mush Reader Review

Joanna, the author of Mush Mush Readers, contacted me to do a review of her decodable readers.  I am really excited about these and my students LOVED reading them.

  I was so excited to connect with a former teacher that has a passion for teaching young readers the love for reading.  Her readers incorporate sight words, pictures to promote vocabulary, one-to-one correspondence, and foster reading confidence!  Take a look at her leveled readers that increase with difficulty in each book. 

Mush Mush Readers are named after Joanna's furry cat and have levels 1-10 that increase with difficulty in each book.

The books cover a wide variety of topics to keep the kids engaged and motivated to read each book.

I set the group of books at my small group table and asked the to read the books in order.  Each book has a focus vocabulary word(s) and contains pictures to help with the more difficult words.  The children feel successful when they can decode these difficult words by using the picture above the word.

Each word has a little paw print under it so the students can track and follow along as they are reading.  I gave the students little finger puppets to use as they were touching each paw print to read.  

These Mush Mush Readers have a cute font and really adorable clip art.  (It's the little things, right?!)  I love that the pages are thick and glossy which makes the books durable for all the "love" the students give them.  I am a huge fan of these books.  I teach a TK/Kindergarten classroom and my students are English Language Learners.  These books were great to introduce new vocabulary, review sight words and teach new ones!  You can find her website HERE.

Erin Condren Teacher Planner

Guys.  I am obsessed with pens and planners.  I feel like it might be something instilled in teachers to love schools supplies and all things paper.  I know the whole world is going digital, but I don't like using digital planners, I love using pens full of ink (you know which ones I am talking about) and I want colorful paper to write on.  The Erin Condren Teacher Planner and product line make all my  organizational dreams come true! 

I want to share with you with some of her products that I will be using in my classroom next year.  Let's start with the teacher planner.
1. It's gorgeous.
2.  It has thick, colorful paper.
3.  Each part of the planner is thoughtful and intention for teachers.

Can we talk about how cute the outside is!?  When writing in my planner there is one thing I need: a selection of colorful pens (don't worry, I will show you those in a bit!).  This pencil bag can be attached to the coil and placed anywhere in the planner!

There is also an option to have a pen stick to the back of the planner if you don't want to have the pencil bag with you at all times.

Inside, the front cover is dry erase material so I can write myself quick, temporary notes for the day.

What I love about my planner is that the pages are bright, colorful, and have pretty fonts!  What more could you ask for?  The section below is for birthdays.  I like to keep my coworkers birthdays in this section as well as my students.

 The weekly lesson plan section is color coded so you can quickly see what day of the week it is.  

In the summer I like to map out my themes for the year.  This section is perfect for me to see my year at a quick glance so I can change, update, and keep track of the fun thematic units throughout the year.

These cute little designer dots are for me to add to my monthly calendar.  These add a pop of color to each page.

Throughout the planner there are inspirational quotes, and this one happens to be on a colorful pocket inside!

To keep track of important dates, Erin included stickers to add to the planner when we need them.

Another thing in my package was this book of stickers.  They can be added into your planner to highlight upcoming events.

After the planner, my next favorite items are the PENS! I seriously love pens and I am really picky about them!

The fine point pens are perfect for writing in small print and filling out the planner.  The markers are great for taking notes, filling out forms, and writing letters!

The fine tip pens have inspirational words on the cap that are fun to catch out of the corner of your eye when you are writing.

Creating a positive moral around the school can start with these simple compliment cards.  They are the size of a business card and are a simple way to show a coworker you care!

 Going along with the theme of "teaching is a work of heart" is this carry all clutch.  I love that it matches the planner, they will be easy to spot in a staff meeting! 

You need to check out this shirt that ties the whole package together!  I wore it to school last week and it was so comfortable and I got a lot of compliments on it.  I love wearing "teacher shirts" to work because I can feel comfortable but still dressing for my profession.  This one is sold out, but I am hoping that more will be coming soon! ;)  

Erin Condren sent me this planner to review, and I am so excited that I could share my opinions about it with you!  The best part is, if you use my referral link you can get $10 off your first time purchase!  Once you create a new account using my referral link, a $10 off coupon code will be emailed to you.  If you buy one, please let me know what you think!