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Teacher Lesson Planner

It's here! The new ERIN CONDREN teacher lesson planner is here!  I am excited to walk you through some of their newest products that have launched for next school year!  If you want to purchase something from their website, you can use my referral link to get $10 off your first purchase.

I feel so much more organized when I have a cute, functional teacher planner.  Erin Condren has been my GO TO teacher planner for the last couple of years and at this point, I can't imagine having any other type of planner.

(If you aren't looking for a planner, you need to check their site for school supplies... cause come on! Look at these pencils

Some of my favorite Teacher Lesson Planner features:
-Communication Log
-Year Review
-Year Goals
-Graphics and Notes
-Monthly Notes
-Weekly Plans
-Lined Notes

Featured Accessories

This year I also got an Erin Condren Life Planner!  This is a planner for my personal, every-day life! 

Featured Accessories:

Another fun accessory to add to my life planner are the designer stickers.  These stickers are perfect for taping off weekly or multi-day events in my calendar so they really POP!

A new accessory that I haven't tried before are the snap in- sticky notes!  These sticky notes are on a snap in plastic divider that you can move in and out of your planner so you have access to all your sticky notes in one place.

I am SO happy to be organized at school and in my personal life!  I highly recommend Erin Condren planners!

Use my Referral Link to receive $10 off your first purchase!

Llama Bulletin Board

Llama have some fun in your class this year?  You guys, I can't get enough of the llama trend that is all the rage right now.  In my classroom we have a succulent theme going on right now, and we are going to mix in some llamas to change things up!

I started off my year showcasing the llama bulletin board in the hallway, it was a quick and simple writing craftvity to have as a Back to School Night bulletin board. You can grab the llama bulletin board template in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

I am showcasing some other teachers who have shared my llama bulletin board kit on social media! You can see their Instagram name tagged on each bulletin board photo.  

The little llamas are editable so you can write your student names on them.  It is a simple way to make a personalized bulletin board in which all students will feel a positive sense of classroom community.

Here are the llama phrases that are included:
-This class is a llama fun.
-A llama learning happens here.
-Learning is a llama fun.

Teacher Memes (Part 3)











Christmas Lip Balm Gift Tag

I am always trying to think of simple and cute little gifts for my teaching team during Christmas.  I have the perfect free lip balm printable to share with you!

I was inspired by this 6 pack of chapstick that I found in the holiday section at Target!  They are adorable and were $4 for a pack of 6!  I bought two packs and used these as gifts for the office staff, librarian, counselors, etc.

I dug up some colored paper, washi tape, and attached the chapstick to this lip balm printable to spread Christmas cheer all over campus!

Grab the free LIP BALM PRINTABLE and attach to some chapstick to let your staff know you appreciate them! :).  I included a couple of different phrases for you to choose from, just print and sign your name. ;)

Merry Christmas!