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March Sensory Bins in Kindergarten

Guys.  I am officially obsessed with sensory bins.  My students always love digging, exploring, touching, feeling AND learning when I bust these bad boys out.  I have a sensory bin resource available for you in my TpT Store, take a gander at my March Academic Sensory Bins!

Set Up:
 I use plastic storage containers and fill it with items I already have in my classroom, along with ANYTHING seasonal I can find at the dollar spot or 99 cents store.  I use sensory bins during center time.  Typically, there are three sensory bins out at one station, and two students share a bin.  

The students pick a card and make an addition sentence, there is also an option to just pick a card and write the number.

The students practice building "short u" words OR just pick a letter and write it.

Some of you may know, I am a retired basketball player.  ;)  March isn't all about St. Patrick's Day, it is also about March Madness!  I included two basketball sensory bin activities for you to use after St. Patrick's Day passes.

This is my favorite activity- the students pick a card and they can either find the first sound, last sound, or word!  The best part is I can use the same cards for each activity, I just give them different recording sheets.  

Last but not least, the students practice drawing number using little circles (basketballs).  I don't know what it is about this skill that is so difficult for students sometimes! 

Grab these in my TpT Store to use for the month of March!  I also created an editable version for you to make your own sensory bin game! 


Cozy Toes Gift Tag

Who doesn't love cozy socks?!  I decided to give my teammates a pair of cozy socks for Christmas.  It is simple, practical, and cute!  Christmas break should be a time of relaxation, hanging with family and friends, and of course...watching Netflix.  Hopefully my co-workers can watch a movie and keep their toes nice and cozy while enjoying their favorite beverage.  

I purchased these socks at Target, and I have the free printable for you HERE!

Merry Christmas!

Gift Ideas from Pinhole Press

My son is starting to recognize people in photos and remembering the names of people in our family. He knows me, daddy, and Hercules (aka Bubba), but I really want to practice all of our family members' names with him!  Harrison loves looking at the Christmas cards that come in the mail, and he lights up when he sees a familiar face, and now is the perfect time to start practicing those names!  

Pinhole Press offers personalized games, magnets, flashcards, puzzles, books, etc. and these will be under our Christmas tree this year!

I had to get Harrison the Name and Faces Puzzle.  Right now, he will just look at the pictures, but before I know it he will be able to match the word to the picture. The basic concept that a word carries meaning is a building block to learning to read.  This is such a fun way to introduce those words!

 The Alphabet Magnets come with a letter in the corner, and you can personalize it with a picture.  I decided to put family members on the pictures, but I also thought about taking pictures of some of his favorite things and putting those on the magnets as well (his blanket and light saber...lol).

 My favorite product Pinhole Press makes is the Custom Board Book.  Harry loves looking at books and he is going to FREAK OUT when he sees all of his family in this book!  My family hasn't seen this yet, so I am so excited for when he opens this Christmas morning! 

Flashcards are another fun option for practicing people and favorite things.  You can customize the letter and word as well as the picture!  Everyone in my family was represented, as well as some of our favorite places (Disneyland) and some inside jokes for my husband to see!  I am excited to practice letter names and beginning sounds with these flash cards.  ;)

Pinhole Press sent me these items to review and feature on my blog and I really love their product and would recommend it if you have a little one at home that is ready to learn names and words!  Head on over to see if there is anything you want to put on your Christmas list.  Oh, I ordered them and within a week they were on my front door!!! 


Life Stride Teacher Shoes

Annnnnnd I am obsessed with finding comfortable teacher shoes.  It's official.  I partnered with LifeStride to showcase some of their fall shoes that I love wearing in and outside the classroom!

First up is the Riding Boot.  These bad boys are comfortable and super warm.  One thing I love about LifeStride is their shoes come in narrow, medium, and wide.  This way, any person can fit comfortably into their shoes.  (Even you Mommy, lol.  I know she will text me the second she reads this!!)

Most importantly they go perfect with my LuLaRoe leggings from Jessica Preece. ;)  Jessica styled me up with leggings and the long Sarah Sweater!  If you are looking for a consultant that sells LuLaRoe, join her FACEBOOK GROUP.  Not only does she have amazing sales and giveaways, she loves helping you pair outfits to fit your style!

Next up is the Wendy.  I have really been into wearing booties with heals with dresses and also skinny jeans!  The Wendy has the perfect size heel, with fun straps/buckle around the ankle.  I am also wearing a Carly dress from Jessica's LuLaRoe shop! :)  This is the same outfit I wore for our family Christmas cards this year!

Hercules' favorite pair is the Smirk.  These flat boots are so comfortable to wear and walk in all day.  When I put these on, he knows he gets to go for a little stroll around the neighborhood. 

I like these boots because they aren't super girly.  I feel like they are great with ripped jeans, a sweater, and a beanie!

Thank you LifeStride for sending me these shoes to share with my readers!  Make sure you take a looksie over on their website to find the perfect pair for you!