Reading and Printing Simple Sentences: Pack 2 and 3

I have had such great success teaching my students how to read and print simple sentences using this pack that I made a couple of months ago.  I decided to make a second and third pack to have more of a variety of sight words to teach them and to transition into long vowel practice!

Here are some samples of the pages:

This pack is designed to teach students to read and write simple sentences. Each sheet contains a sentence to read, trace, write, draw, and cut and paste. This pack contains 25 sentences using predictable sentence stems. For example: You can teach the sentence “I see the___,” and place different words at the end of the sentence. This would be great to teach whole group using a pocket chart to frontload the students for reading and writing the sentences.

Ways you could use these sheets:
-You could use each page for homework practice
-When you introduce a new sentence or phrase, you could have them complete the worksheet at their desk
-Morning work: you could have this sheet waiting at their desk in the morning while you take roll
-Literacy Center Work: for your Daily 5 or center time, you could use this as one of your stations.

The following words are found in this pack:
My, is, hat, blue, that, a, rat, I, see, the, fog, there, log, this, dog, pot, big, mug, hot, tree, can, run, fast, slug, are, ten, men, blue, fish, dish, red, like, mall, want, ball, have, wish, bee, yellow, grass, green, he, man, she, mom, jump, up, go, flop, pet, gift

Reading and Printing Simple Sentences {part 3} contains the same style of printables, but also includes long vowel words.  This would be appropriate for 1st grade, or to scaffold for your Kindergarten students that are more advanced.

The following words are found in pack 3:
the, is, that, a, this, is, I, like, to, that, want, up, see, two, have, can, you, are, my, he, we, here, sun, can, fall, tall, jumped, cat, frog, truck, bee, buzz, dog, swim, fast, friend, play, took, nap, sing, want, some, food, roll, bright, rake, snow, baby, read, girl, bike, birds, car, bark, train, read, book, pool, snake, green

Here samples from the 3rd pack:

I also organized all three packs as a bundle that you can purchase as a discounted rate.  This version contains 75 sentences to read and print.


Winter Wonderland Language Arts and Math Unit

It's already time for me to start thinking about going back to work in January.  For the first month back, I am going to focus on everything winter!  I made a Winter Wonderland Math and Language Arts Unit to go with the themes of snowmen, hot cocoa, and everything winter!  I did an adorable hot cocoa math unit last year, and I wanted to make some things that could also be used for a hot cocoa language arts unit.  I hope this is something that you could use too!

This is a 50 page document, full of ideas and resources that are all about the winter!

Pgs. 4-5:  Describe snow
Pgs. 6-7:  Writing sheets to write about snow
Pg. 8:  Draw 4 activities you can do on a snowy day
Pg. 9:  Roll a dice and color the number that you roll

Pgs. 10-11: Describe a snowman
Pgs. 12-13:  Writing sheets to write about snowmen
Pg. 14: Label the snowman
Pg. 15: Put the words in ABC order
Pg. 16: Draw the steps of how to build a snowman
Pg. 17:  Roll the dice, color the number that is one MORE than the number you rolled

Hot Cocoa-
Pg. 18-19: Describe cocoa
Pg. 20-21: Writing sheets to write about cocoa
Pg. 22: Roll the dice and color the number that is one LESS than the number you rolled
Pg. 23: Cut and paste the cocoa sentence and draw a picture to match
Pg. 24: Draw the steps of how to make cocoa
Pg. 25:  Compare and contrast lemonade and hot cocoa.

Write the Room:
Includes vocabulary cards, where the students can record the words onto a recording sheet.

Count the room:
Includes cards with different number sets on them (numbers 10-20).  The students record how many objects are on the card and write down the number.

What Number is in the Middle?
Students look at the number cards to record which number is missing in the middle (numbers 11-20)

What Letter is in the Middle?
Students look at letter cards to record which letter is missing in the middle of each set.

More or Less?
This includes three different activities or deciding if the picture cards have "more or less."

Winter Syllable Count
Students will use the picture cards and sort them by the amount of syllables.  Includes an assessment.

Head to my TpT Store to check it out!


A Family Christmas Card Photo!

Well folks, I have debating on sharing our family Christmas card photos all month.  And after asking my family if it was ok, here they are!  My sister and I talked my family into dressing up for our Christmas photos...all costumes are from the Oriental Trading Company.  Merry Christmas to all of you!

AND a jumping photo...

{I don't know if I would be honored or horrified if these photos end up in some coffee table book titled: "Worst Family Christmas Photos"...}

Merry Christmas!

Elf on the Shelf....Big REVEAL!

You can read the back story of how my elf drama {here}.  Basically, my co-workers have been playing pranks on me for the past two weeks by stealing my elf {Candy Cane}, replacing it with a new one {Snowflake}, and leaving the elves for me to find each morning.  It's like I was the child and they were the parents.  All I have to say is, I know how excited the kids feel each morning to wake up and see what their elf is doing next....

One lovely Tuesday morning, I walked to my room to see in the distance a note taped onto my door...

At a closer look, it is a note written from Snowflake (the newer elf) asking to come and save him!  

When I open the door, someone had gone MAD with the blue painter's tape all over my room...

Snowflake left a note on the whiteboard for me...  

Notice the lonely red chair in the middle of the rug...

And here is where I found poor Snowflake!  I seriously died laughing!  I "de-taped" Snowflake and left him somewhere else for the kids to find him when they entered...this was a little too disturbing to share with the kids! ;)

Overall, I was impressed with their creativity and the amount of time it must have taken to tape my room!

Thursday morning I arrived at work and found my elves like this....

They were making snow angels in sugar and left their initials in "yellow snow"... don't worry, I removed the sign for when the kiddos came in! 

I wanted to leave a fun photo note to whoever was playing games with me and my I took this picture and put it on my facebook to tell my coworkers I expected a grand finale for the last day of school!

And believe me, I wasn't let down.  Friday morning, I was given a note by my co-worker which would lead me on a scavenger hunt to reveal who was playing Santa's helper!

The last note brought me to the teacher's lounge where I found my "elf hiders" waiting for me!!!  These ladies seriously brightened my month with all of their creativity!  Love you girls!!!

All I have to say is, I once though the Elf on the Shelf was the creepiest thing ever.  And now, I am a raging fan.  Your kids love finding him each day, trust me.  :)
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Class Cookie Recipe Book

To celebrate the holiday season, I decided to make a class cookie recipe book.  This is a collaborative recipe book made by all of the students and parents.  For homework, I asked each parent to write down their child's favorite cookie recipe.  Then the student drew a picture of their cookie!  My room mom made copies of the recipes and assembled them into a class recipe book!  They will each get to take on home on the last day of school, before Christmas break!

{ignore the band aide...paper cut...}

For a class party, we are having a cookie exchange to go along with the cookie theme.  Each child will make enough cookies for the class and will bring them in to share for our party!
You can download this Christmas (and Winter) Cookie Recipe Book: HERE!

My ELF was STOLEN!!!!!!!!!

Elf. On. The. Shelf.  I have to admit, at first, seeing that little elf in the store in a plastic box... I was creeped out by it.  But a loving parent gave me one as a gift and I QUICKLY fell in love with the whole idea.  Not so much the part of how the elf reports to Santa if the child has been naughty or nice, but the part where each morning the elf is in a different place in the room, getting into some sort of mischief.  The kids are excited.  I get excited.  It's a win, win.

I love where I work.  It's a loving environment where we are supported and respected.  I love my co-workers.  And they love me.  Someone at work has been pranking me for the past two weeks by hiding and replacing my elf!!! And I am eating it up.  I think it is so funny, and creative, and I look forward to see when my elf will be moved or changed.  I feel like the kid, and I get to take part in the game too.

Let me start from the beginning....

Day 1: I placed the elf on top of our projector.  The kids were besides themselves.

Naturally, I tied it into our math lesson and we graphed our favorite name choice.  The two most popular names were Candy Cane and Snowflake.  According to our graph, the name Candy Cane won.

Day 2:  I placed Candy Cane from one of the hooks in the window above our calendar.  Notice: this elf, our elf, Candy Cane, is the original elf.  This is where I left him on a Friday when I left work for the weekend.

Day 3:  When I returned Monday morning, the elf was in a different spot!  Not only was it in a different spot, it wasn't Candy Cane, it was a different version of the Elf on the Shelf!  Someone had stolen my original elf and stuck post-it-notes all over the window! 

In my box there was a photo of my original elf, Candy Cane, holding a sign "Help Me!"  I seriously could have died, and thought this was the funniest thing ever!  I was worried the kids would be confused if I let them in on the secret of the teachers teasing me ( I didn't show them the note), so I said Candy Cane's cousin, Snowflake, came to visit and they are having fun switching spots for a bit. 

Around Day 5:  For the next couple of days, I moved Snowflake (the new elf) around the room in different spots.  We left for a field trip and when I came back into the classroom, our original elf, Candy Cane was back!  He was having a marshmallow fight with some of the toy dinosaurs in the class.  For the next couple of days,  I hid him in the morning for the students to find.... fast forward to Day 7...  

Day 7:  I walked in the classroom, and BOTH elves were on display!  Again, someone came into my room and brought Snowflake back!

I have been helping Santa move the elves around the room for the last couple of days... I am eagerly waiting for my sweet co-worker to strike again!  If you are reading this...I EXPECT the game to keep going, cause it feels like Christmas morning every time I find them in a new spot!
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Holiday Emergent Readers

I made a new set of emergent readers for the Holiday season.  I use these during our center time and I also send these home for homework.  The kids can practice reading independently once you frontload them with the vocabulary words.  I used words from our sight word list to make the Holiday Emergent Readers as well as holiday themed images.

Three different Holiday emergent readers are included in this pack. It is beneficial to introduce the words from the book in a pocket chart before reading. You can cut apart the pocket chart words to frontload the students before reading the emergent reader. Make sure the students are placing their finger under the word and following along as they are reading.

3-6: Merry Christmas Reader
7-13: Pocket chart words to frontload the students before reading
14-17: Gingerbread Reader
18-25: Pocket chart words to frontload the students before reading
26-29: Stockings and Ornaments Reader
30-39: Pocket chart words to frontload the students before reading

Here are samples from each of the three readers:

I use the word cards to teach the students the words found in the reader before they read it independently.  They are great to use in pocket charts.

Pick up a set of the Holiday Emergent Readers at my TpT Store. :)


Ornament Craftivity

I am so excited to share this Ornament Craftivity with you!  I made this with my students and they LOVED it!  We made the ornament craft, and then I placed them on Christmas trees that I made for our bulletin board..

I love the idea of switching up all of the colors to make the ornaments look different.  I also tried making some using scrapbook paper to add more detail!

You can pick up the Ornament Craftivity at my TpT Store!

This pack includes a Christmas Ornament Craftivity and some sheets to incorporate into your Language Arts and Math curriculum.  You could ask each student to bring in an ornament from their house and do a writing to describe it!  Or you could just make the craftivity with them and have the students write and describe their craft.

-ornament craft
-writing sheet
-"can, has, is" sheet
-describing map
-2 roll the dice and color the number above or below sheets

Here are the kids making the ornament craft in my class this week!

Happy Holidays!