February Centers

I found these little heart containers at the Dollar Store and I thought they would be the perfect Valentine's Day center activity.  I thought of 3 different ways to use them, but they all have the same concept.  

Here are the hearts...

I had 3 students come back at a time to teach them how to use the center.  

Directions: The students have to choose a numbered heart, find the letters inside, unscramble the letters and then write the word in the corresponding heart.           


1. Here is the first way I used the hearts:  The students unscrambled their sight words.

2.  The second way I used the hearts is to have the students unscramble words in the "at" family...

3.  The last way I used the hearts was I put foam hearts inside the plastic heart.  The students had to count the foam hearts inside and write the number in the corresponding heart.

This was a great way to practice writing the numbers we are focusing on this week.  What is great is I can use it again next week with different numbers!

We love our centers!

Here is the worksheet we used to write the words in.  Find it HERE.