Felt Heart CVC Word Families

This might be my favorite February activity by far.  My obsession with felt led me to this activity! :)  Each week we practice a different word family, and this was a great center activity for the kids to practice blending and writing their word family of the week.  

I cut out small felt hearts and puffy painted lower case letters on them.

I made a "Word Family Mat" where the children could place the felt heart onto to create new words. (to download click the picture)

Then I made a worksheet for the words to be recorded on.

The children picked out a felt heart, and placed it onto the word mat.  

I could hear them blend the word to read it, and then they would write the word on their paper.

They even started getting really creative and added blends to make longer words!

I don't know who had more fun with this activity, me or the kids!

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  1. What a darling idea! So cute!
    I'm sure the kiddos had a great time practicing their word families!