Felt Hearts: Counting and Matching

My new obsession = felt.  I LOVE crafting with felt!!!  I thought of a fun way to reinforce counting 10-20.  The objective is to count the little puffy paint dots (who doesn't love touching those???) and match it with the number.  

To make:
Cut out felt hearts.

Cut down the middle to make into puzzle pieces.

 Puffy paint the number.

Puffy paint the dots.

 The students find the matches!

The students loved this activity!  I set them at the back table for the students who finish their work early.


  1. Many times, young children have trouble counting the numbers in the teens. This is a great idea for a center or small group activity.

  2. Star, we used these today and it was great for me to watch who had difficulty counting and matching. :)

  3. I am seriously in love with these!!! Adorable. Thanks for the great idea!!!

  4. I am your newest follower!


  5. Counting helps to develop memory, recognizes the world around the clock ... Counts of counts are always from low to high. Vietnam human hair


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