Hot Cocoa Math

 I want to share with you part of my Winter Wonderland Math and Language Arts Unit that has a section all about hot cocoa!

It's fun any time you can make math hands on and exciting for the students.  The kids had a wonderful time using marshmallows as math manipulatives.  We are studying numbers 11-20.  The students made a mug out of construction paper and were allowed to glue down marshmallows to display any number between 11-15.

We made a hot chocolate craftivity to practice counting!

After we made our hot chocolate craft, we glued down some marshmallows.

The students counted the marsmallows in their chocolate and wrote the number on the line!

The next part of our lesson, we used our 5 senses to taste and investigate hot chocolate.  After we tasted our cocoa, we graphed our opinion if we liked the taste or not.

This chapter we are learning to count to 20 using 10 Frames.  I decided to use the previous cocoa mugs, to make a center station practicing showing sets of numbers 11-20.  The students chose a mat, and then placed marshmallows in the 10 frame to show the number on the mug.

Click on the picture to download the craft and updated 10 frame mats!

I try to post the objective and standards on each bulletin board, so parents and administration know what we are working on in class.  Here is what is posted around this board:

Hot Cocoa Math
Objective:  In math, we are focusing on numbers 11-15.  We are practicing counting and writing these numbers.  The students were able to choose how many (between 11-15) marshmallows that they wanted to glue onto their cup of hot cocoa.  We also used our sense of taste to take a sip of hot cocoa to see if we liked it.  Then we graphed if we did or did not like the taste of hot cocoa.  The following standards were addressed:
Math: Number Sense
1.2  Count, recognize, represent, name and order a number of objects (up to 30)

Statistics, Data Analysis, and Probability
1.1  Pose information questions, collect data, and record using graphs

Science: Investigation and Experimentation
4.0   Observe common objects by using the 5 senses: taste, smell


  1. How cute! I've been wanting to do some hot cocoa activities with my kiddos. They'll have a blast with some of these ideas!

    Ms. Preppy's Adventures in Primary and Polka Dots

  2. I came across your blog through pinterest and LOVED your ideas! I am going to use your idea with the counting out the marshmallows on ten frames this week in my math centers! Thanks so much for sharing! I'm a new follower!
    Under the Alphabet Tree

  3. Love this- do you offer it for download

  4. I will upload them tomorrow for you!!!

  5. What a fun idea! Can't wait to do this after sledding. :)

  6. I just came across this and I love it! Thank you so much for the download! Do you by any chance have the ten frames as a download as well, or am I missing it?

  7. Love this idea! My class is working on greater, less than and equal--this could be really fun to tie in.

  8. Do you have the ten frame template for download?

  9. I love this! I am a new teacher and just saw this. I am not seeing if the ten frame template is uploaded. Can you please let me know if there is anywhere that I can find it?
    Thank you!

  10. How did you make the hot chocolate in your classroom? I don't assess to the kitchen and only 1 outlet in my room and I wanted to make hot chocolate for the kiddos as their class reward.

  11. I might be over thinking it, but how did you get the typed "I have _______ marshmallows," onto construction paper?

    1. Some copy machines have side for construction paper. You just print the template like normal and copy it onto construction paper :)

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