Martin Luther King

This is such a great day to talk about being kind to ALL people and treating others equally.  My friend, Cherie, had a great idea about using lollipops.  I asked all of the students with short hair to stand up, and said they each could have a lollipop (I didn't hand them out yet).  I asked if this was fair to the students with long hair.  They all agreed: NO.  Then I said only the boys could have a lollipop, and again we agreed this wasn't equal.  We talked about how Martin Luther King gave a very important speech wanting fairness for all people no matter how long their hair was, if they were a boy or girl, or what color of their skin was.  They all agreed, this was a really positive thing (especially if it meant lollipops for everyone at the end :).  I made a little worksheet where they could draw a picture of what their dream for our world is.  Some understood this concept, and some of them were thinking about a special wish that they had.

 This is a photo that I showed the students.

 This wish was for a rainbow in her house.

This student drew a picture of a sad person, and him giving food to help him.  :)

Click on the picture to download!

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