Snowflake Adjectives

It is sometimes difficult for children to understand the concept of adjectives.  To get the used to the idea, I had the class make a snowflake and then think of words to describe it.  

Each month, I use the big die-cut to make sticker charts for the kids.  If I see them working on task, or following directions I place a sticker on the back of their hand and they place it on the chart during a transition time.  For January, I used the snowflake die-cut, and I figured a way to use the extra part of the paper from the punch out.

Here are the sticker charts.

Here are the extra papers from the punch out.

I taped the snowflake print to a blue piece of construction paper so the students could finger paint the part of the paper that was showing.  Once we lifted the snowflake paper, a beautiful art piece was reviled!

Here are some examples of the finished products.

We also added a touch of glitter to give it some extra detail!

I let the snowflakes dry over night and we brainstormed the next day about words that described our snowflakes.  I made a Circle Map (a graphic organizer) with my snowflake in the middle and I asked the students to give me words about the snowflake.  I gave them the sentence to say: "My snowflake is ______" and I wrote their ideas around our Circle Map.

Once we brainstormed as a class, I asked the students to come back in groups and I asked them to tell me describing words about their snowflake and I wrote them around their paper.  This project wasn't to practice penmanship, but to assess and see if they understood adjectives.  They all did!

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  1. Such a cute idea! I am definitely saving this to do next year. :)

    Lil' Country Kindergarten


  3. Those snowflakes are super cute!!! Thanks for sharing!
    Dirt Road Teacher

  4. Such a great idea! I love, too, that you put the sticker on the back of their hand and have them wait until transition time to put it on their snowflake! Great way to keep the kids on task and focused instead of having them break their train of thought to sticker their snowflake! LOVE!! :)

    The Balancing Act I Call Life

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