Solid, Liquid, and Gas

We are doing a month long unit on water as a solid, liquid, and gas.  This week we are exploring and learning about water as a liquid.  The first thing that I wanted to teach the kids is that water takes the shape of whatever container it is in.

Jessica, at Under the Alphabet Tree (check out her blog HERE), had a wonderful demonstration about water as a liquid.  I did the exact lesson that she showed on her blog...and the kids LOVED it!!!

I started by having six different containers with the same amount of water in them.  They were all different sizes so it appeared that they contained different amounts.  I added food coloring to make them more exciting to look at. 

 I had one empty container with a line on it to measure the different amounts of water.  The kids graphed what container they thought had the MOST water.

I was surprised that all of the students thought that the green cup had the most water in it.  They were so excited each time I poured another cup in and we found out that they all reached the same line.

At the end of the day, I let them take turns exploring and playing with water.  I was asking them which items they thought would sink or float to prepare them for tomorrow's lesson.  :)  

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