Word Families

Each week we focus on a different "Word Family (all of the words that rhyme with each other)."  This week we are learning about the "it" family.  To introduce this new word family we first made a list on the board of all of the words that rhyme with "it": fit, mit, hit, bit, sit....

Then I had them practice finding the words in this little paint cup filled with pom poms.  Their goal was to write down all of the words that are in the cup.  Here is how I made it:

Step one, find a paint cup, pom poms, and write out some of the "it" words on thick paper.  I wrote the words on both sides so when they moved around in the cup they would be easier to read.

Step 2: Put them all in the cup.

Step 3: Complete the worksheet and write down the words inside the cup.

It will take some shaking to read the words.  This is the fun part.  :)

Click on the worksheet for a free download.
(this is my first time trying to use google document, so email me if you can't download it)

I am really excited to use this with all sorts of things: letters, sight words, different word families, the possibilities are endless!!!


  1. This is cute! Thanks for sharing. When do you start with word families?

  2. Thanks Arianne! I start with the "at" family for the whole month of November, and assess if they understand it or not. Then depending on the class I do a different word family every two weeks. How do you do it? (if you happened to download the worksheet, did it work?)

  3. I downloaded it---and it worked!! This will be great for my lower K kids and a good review for the rest! Thanks for sharing!! :)

  4. I love this idea, Michelle! Thanks for posting it. :)


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