The Lorax

We read the Lorax yesterday, and today we discussed the importance of taking care of our world.  I found another Lorax book about recycling and being responsible with our earth's resources.  We made a list of all the ways we can do our part in helping our planet.  Here is how our day went..

I started our lesson by reading this Lorax book on taking care of our planet.

I made a Truffula tree as a graphic organizer (instead of a circle map) for the children to tell me ways we can help our earth.  I wrote their ideas on a post it note, and I placed it on the Truffula tree.

After we made our list, I asked each student to write their favorite idea from our list and to write it on their Lorax (we made these yesterday).  I had them come back in small groups to write their response.  They wrote it in pencil first and then traced it with a marker.  

Here is the finished Lorax bulletin board!

We also did a Lorax popsicle stick puppet with a background of Truffula trees.  We made the background first by water coloring stripes, and then we added the Truffula trees on top.

We made a small Lorax to put on a popsicle stick to go in front of our Truffula trees!  This little puppet was great to have them re-tell the Lorax story!

To download my little Lorax, please visit my TPT store!  It is my first time using it, so let me know if you have any problems!  :)

One Fish Two Fish Graphing

We had a blast graphing colored gold fish while we studied One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Two Fish, by
 Dr. Seuss.  I gave each student a cup of colored gold fish, and they had to place the colors accordingly onto their graph.

 After all of their fish were in place, they removed the crackers and colored in the same amount of squares for each row.  Once they were finished, they could eat their snack!

You can get the worksheet (HERE).

One Fish Two Fish...Red Fish Blue Fish

Learning about Dr. Seuss is probably one of my favorite topics.  I read One Fish Two Fish Read Fish Blue Fish to the class and we giggled and were entertained the whole way through the story.  We pointed out the rhyming words and found several of our sight words in the book too!

And maybe I put on my One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish PJ's during this whole project.  I normally just wear them for Dr. Seuss' Birthday when we have PJ day, but I got excited and couldn't help myself!

After we read the story, I gave the students as paper with one if the illustrations from the book on it.  They had to write sentences that describe the picture, and then they could color it.

Then we made a project where they cut at paste the fish from the front cover into a fish bowl.  My talented teacher's aide hand drew all of the fish!  I feel like in Kindergarten, it is extremely important for me to plan out each step of a craft before I just give the whole thing for the children to do.  So the first step was for the children to color the fish.

The second step was to cut out the fish around the rectangles.  And place them on the fishbowl.  

Next the children wrote the words in pencil and then traced them with a marker so the words were more visible, and cut out the fishbowl.

Here are the finished products!

To download the fish and fishbowl, please visit my TPT store!

Lorax Mustache Craft

Today I read the Lorax book by Dr. Seuss to the students.  After I read the story, we made a Lorax mustache craft!  We cut out a yellow construction paper mustache and taped it onto a popsicle stick!  Here are a couple of pictures...

I took individual pictures like this of all of the kids.  These are of me, because I will embarrass myself instead of the little ones!  :)

 This is Megan, my aide, and me!

 I took some photos of the girls together!  (I put stickers over their pretty faces to protect their privacy)

 We took a class picture and I will print it out and post it on the board.

 Here is our bulletin board with Truffula trees.  We made this Lorax craft, and tomorrow we will write on his belly things we can do to "save the earth."  Tomorrow, we will put the Lorax up on the board too.  This background was perfect to take pictures in front of today though!


Permission to Pin

There is alot of talk right now about needing "Permission to Pin" photos from your blog, or other people's blog onto Pinterest.  The main reason is because once a photo is pinned onto Pinterest, then Pinterest owns the right to that photo.  You can read more about this on Corkboard Connections to find out more details.  I added the "Permission to Pin" badge on my sidebar, and give anyone the right to pin pictures from my blog onto Pinterest.  :)

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