President Lincoln

Happy Birthday President Lincoln!  We had a fun filled Lincoln day in Kindergarten (we were a couple of days behind due to the weekend and Valentine's day).  I started by talking about our country and how we have a president.  I showed the class a picture of the map, and explained how we have one leader.

We read our Scholastic Weekly Reader that was all about Lincoln.  We learned how he was our 16th president, how he grew up in a log cabin, and how how he wears a tall black hat.

I introduced a craft created by A Cupcake for the Teacher, in which the students make an Abraham Lincoln!  I had the students also brainstorm if they could hide something in Lincoln's hat, what would it be?  We made a circle map and shared our ideas.

I had the students start their craft, while I pulled the students back in small groups to write their sentence. We first cut and pasted Mr. Lincoln together.  :)

They added face details with marker.

Then they came back to me in small groups to write about what they would put in Lincoln's hat.  Some of them started their sentence with:
I see a____.
I would hide a _____.
Mr. Lincoln at his finest....

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