Animal Sorting with Easter Eggs

I have been excited to use Easter Eggs for something in my class, and I decided we would use them to sort animals that hatch from eggs.  We talked about the Life Cycle of a Chicken last week, and we also talked about how different animals come from eggs.

I started by stuffing Easter eggs with pictures of different animals.  Some of them hatch from eggs, and some do not.

My talented Aide, hand drew these cute animals!

Once the eggs were filled, I called on a student (by pulling sticks of course) to come up and open an egg.

They showed the picture to the class and we decided with "thumbs up and thumbs down" if the animal hatched from an egg.

We sorted the animals in the pocket chart.

( I sould have titled the chart as "Which animals hatch from an egg...")  The kids REALLY enjoyed this simple activity, I was suprised by how engaged they were!

If you are focusing on Life can check out my Simple Life Cycle of a Chicken Unit!  It reviews the 4 stages of the life cycle.  Click on the image to purchase at my TpT Store. :)


  1. Fun idea! I need to get some more eggs to use! Kids do love them. :)
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  2. What a fun idea! I am doing that one for sure! Thanks!!

  3. I just posted about our oviparous animals and eggs in the sand table. I included a link to your post.
    It's amazing how this topic holds the kid attention and fascination.

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