Green Eggs and Ham in Class

We celebrated Dr. Seuss' Birthday today at our school because this week is Spirit Week...which means every day we dress up and have fun activities.  Today was PJ day!  I am so excited for this week, but if course, I feel like I am getting sick...and it's only day one.  Here are some pictures of us making green eggs and ham with our kinders!

We started by making our green eggs.  I had each student crack one egg into our bowl (I know, I am "brave").  Then we mixed the eggs together and added green food coloring.

Only two of the students were feeling a little nervous about trying the green eggs, so I made a deal with them.  I video taped them tasting the eggs and sent it to their families, and they were happy about this compromise.  After we had our snack, we graphed if we liked green eggs and ham or not.

I like to place my graphs on the door for a couple of reasons.  1.  People can see the graphs as they walk by, and it is a great conversation starter to talk about what we are learning in class.  2.  The door is a long place that is the perfect size for a graph.  :)  After graphing, we wrote a sentence about if we did or did not like green eggs and ham.


  1. Looks like most of your children liked the green eggs! Funny, because many of my kids were nervous about them. I think it is hilarious how they can like a food one minute... then add green food coloring and they are totally suspicious of it! Glad your students were more adventurous than mine this year! :)

  2. Fun Dr. Seuss activities! I am sure the video was a hit with parents- that's a great idea!!
    Conversations in Literacy

  3. How fun! You are brave! I'm sure your students loved it!

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