12 on the 12th Linky Party

Well, not much happened for me today.  It is the Thursday of my Spring Break and I spent it running errands, getting some work done in my classroom {which was a traumatic experience...see below...} and then resting with friends.   I linked up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to take 12 photos of my day on the 12th of the month!

{read photos left to right, top to bottom}

1.  This is Mr. Ryan Gosling that Fran gave all of us a the blogger meet up :)
2. I stopped to get coffee in the morning and these are the beautiful succulents that I am so jealous of {I can't keep plants alive...even succulents...}
3.  I found this tape dispenser at Staples.  I want it.
4.  This is a painted decoration I found in a general store.  :)
Then I went to work...
5.  My earth day project that I am testing out for the kids next week.  It doesn't look as good as the one on Pinterest.  I used cardboard for the branches and trunk instead.
6.  A little bird craft I made but didn't do with my students because it would have taken too much time :)
7.  My fish tank.  I am terrified of fish.  I have 3 in there.
8.  Me planning my insect unit, trying to get inspired.
9.  Then it happened.  I was working calmly and a bird flew in my room!  I panicked, got my bestie from her room and we decided the best option was me to use an umbrella for protection incase it darted at me.  I was safe, I am not sure if it flew out...I was screaming too much...
10.  My husband helping my parents remodel their kitchen.
11.  Me reading and journaling.
12.  Celebration and Bible study, having pink drinks because my girlfriend just found out she is having a GIRL!!!!

That's my day!  I hope that bird isn't still there when I go back to school on Monday....


  1. My friend had a bird fly in her room, too!!! Mass chaos, lots of screaming, freaking out -- I forget how they got it out!!! I would die - birds scare me!!!
    Love the pink drinks!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  2. So fun! I think the difference between the cherry blossom tree on Pinterest and yours is that person used more paint. Try that? It's still cute!! And I absolutely love that they are learning to use recycled materials for art!

    Primarily Primary

  3. Congrats to your friend! The pink drinks look delish. :D
    My mom freaks out around birds. It cracks me up. I used to have a bird that would get loose every once in a while. Boy would my mom get mad! hahaha
    Dragonflies in First

  4. OMgosh! I would've freaked out over the bird, too!!! How in the world did it get in there?! For the nest craft - you can use a brown paper sack and roll it all the way down for a nest - doesn't take long at all!

    Rowdy in Room 300

  5. Michelle, I love your bird story!! And I am also horrible at keeping plants alive!!! I love having plants in my classroom, but I am constantly having to replace them! I just bought several succulents for my classroom last weekend so we will see how long I can keep those alive! I had some of the same ones last year, but without much luck. This time I asked for specific instructions on how often to water (they said once every 3 to 4 weeks). No wonder they didn't make it last time... I think I was watering at least once a week!

    Lessons with Laughter

  6. Yikes!!!!!! That would scare me too!!!! You just never really about birds, right??? I LOVE that tape dispenser!!!! Super cute!

  7. I had a bird in my room one time.. and a room full of kids. We all left and joined another teacher's room until the bird moved on. I am not scared of birds but this bird was acting crazy because it was scared of us!

    I also had a huge lizard .. and that almost gave me a heart attack. Especially when I saw it first all I could see was the tail and I thought it was a snake.

    Doodle Bugs Teaching
    Doodle Bugs Paper

  8. Ok, I am cracking up about the bird in your classroom!! haha!