Cupcake Mother's Day Craft

I just finished a Mother's Day craft for my students to make for their mommys.  It is a cupcake and a little response sheet with cute questions for the kids to answer about their moms.  I love asking kids how old they think their mom is.  In Kindergarten, they haven't grasped the concept of "age" yet, so I always get adorable answers!  Visit my TPT store to purchase it!

Click {HERE} to purchase it!

The top part of the Cupcake Mother's Day Craft can be decorated any way!  I was at home taking my time, so I used scrapbook paper for the bottom half of the cupcake and colored construction paper for the top.  You could also use brown or any other color for the bottom.  For the frosting you can use any color that the students want!  I added little sprinkles (I thought about using real ones, but that wouldn't be good for saving for years to come) and hearts to the top of these cupcakes.

 The cupcake craft says, "You are the SWEETEST mom!"

Under the cupcake is another sheet (that is just glued at the top edge) with cute questions for the students to answer about their moms.

Please visit my TPT Store to purchase this Mother's Day Cupcake Craft!