Sunflower Seed Math: Adding

We have a little garden outside our class (in no way am I in-charge of this garden, I have a blue thumb...) and we have been growing sunflowers!  They grew so tall and their time was coming to an end, so the centers of them were turning into seeds!  Our class was so excited to pick the sunflower seeds, so I took them outside in small groups and they could pull out the seeds for a couple of about HANDS ON!

We pulled out so many and I let them dry over night.  We just started our addition unit in math, so I thought it would be perfect to use them as a manipulative for adding!  I made a worksheet and they placed the seeds on the sheet to make an addition sentence.  Then they moved the seeds and drew circles to represent the same amount.

We all had a great time  using our addition worksheet in Kindergarten!  And the best part....picking the SEEDS!  If you would like a free download of this worksheet, visit my TPT store {HERE}.


  1. What great pictures and what fun the kids are having. I am your newest follower. I taught kindergarten for 5 years and loved it, but now I moved on up to first grade. Stop by and visit my blog sometime.
    Classroom Companion

  2. So cute! This is making me really want to plant Sunflowers outside of our classroom! What an awesome idea!

    Will you check out my blog? I'm new!
    Tangled with Teaching

  3. How awesome that they got to pick the seeds themselves!

  4. How fun!!!! :-) I have a garden outside of my classroom too. It's full of weeds. Your garden is much prettier!!! :-)

  5. Love sunflowers! We are on a different part of the sunflower life cycle - we will plant sunflower seeds in the next few days. They are tall and beautiful when we come back to school in September. thanks for the free download.

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  6. What lucky kiddos! Such a fun activity...thank you for sharing!!

    The Daily Cupcake…A Kindergarten Blog

  7. I love this! Thanks for the free download. Thanks for linking up to Thinky Linky Thursday!
    Lori @ Cachey Mama’s Classroom

  8. So cute! great pictures for sunflower ,Thanks for you sharing. I love it.

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  11. That was awesome, I also love growing sunflowers, the flowers are big and they look really good.

    Kevin from Gardeners Guide

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