Mini Turtle for Share Day

I am debating on getting a small turtle as a class pet.  One of my students brought in a little turtle for share day and I was really interested to see how the kids would handle it...and I was so impressed!!!  They were gentle, interested, and were great at taking turns holding it..I mean, Fred.

 The students were so great at taking turns holding Fred, and they kept their hands low to the ground as they were holding him.  I stood back and let them navigate taking turns and making sure each person had a FAIR turn, and I was so proud to see that they successfully did this on their own!

 Then they tried to feed Fred...

 Then Fred had an "accident" and they jumped right on helping clean up!

Someone had an idea to use the big blocks to make a house for Fred, so they all got busy trying to build little forts for him to walk around in!  This fort was Fred's favorite...

I would love to hear your thoughts on a class pet, especially about a LITTLE turtle for a class pet!  I envision having different helpers each day feed the turtle and be in charge of it in different ways.  As well as, taking the little guy out for free time and letting the kids play with it.  I don't know if this is something they would eventually get board with, or if it would be a great way to teach responsibility.


  1. That's so fun!!! I have never had a class pet, but I would love to. Our principal discourages it. :(
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  2. Well now I want a turtle!! Soo cute!!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  3. This is so precious to see. I love how tender they are when holding an animal. That is such a great activity for kids!
    Now you should bring in walking sticks!
    Miss you friend,

  4. I love these pics. We aren't allowed to have class pets. Come check out my giveaway today! It's for a free membership to ESGI.

  5. Class pet yes..then we don't have to worry about having a pet at home:)

  6. All you have to do is anchor your house with a Black Turtle, get a Red Phoenix to nest in front of it and find a White Tiger and a Green Dragon to protect its flanks. If all that sounds suspiciously like semi-mystical mumbo-jumbo, it may be because our practical English isn't informed by the cultural mythology of

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