Tadpole Drama. Gross

We have had our tadpoles in the class for 48 hours and the kids are obsessed with them.  Of course, they didn't fit in the tank that I had planned, so we had to find a LARGE tank to fit our (dinosaur) tadpoles in...

 (notice how it took TWO people to cary this tank in...)

I must say, I could actually come close to the tank because I felt so much safer with them in the large one.  :)  The little guys were very happy to swim around with all of the room.  I am guessing that once the front legs come in, then I should lower the water.

My favorite part of our tadpole journey was choosing the names for our three tadpoles.  Here were some of the suggestions (the names Jesus and Luke Skywalker cracked me up!!!)...

After a very passionate voting session, we landed on the names:


  1. I love your stories about the tadpoles. This looks like so much fun and something I am going to seriously consider doing next year. My question is where did you find such ginormous tadpoles? :)
    Daisy Days for Learning