Back to School Apples Unit

One of my favorite units to start the school year with is Apples!  It is so fun because you can bring in apples to the classroom to graph, taste, paint with (yes!), throw, pattern, many things!  I made an apple unit that hopefully will be helpful to kick off the beginning of the year or the fall season!

Here is what is included in the Literacy and Math Apples Unit:
54 pages of fun that tie in with Common Core Standards!!

6 math sheets:
dice rolling game

8 language arts sheets:
describing an apple
label cut and paste
upper and lowercase shorting cut and paste
writing a sentence
matching lower and uppercase

3 literacy centers:
sorting capitol and lowercase letters
what comes before and after a letter 
clothes pin matching upper and lowercase letters

1 math center:
count the seeds and match it to the number

1 emergent reader

Click {HERE} to purchase!

Here are some pictures of the centers included in the apple unit:

Sort the upper and lowercase letters.

Clip the matching letters and worksheet to use as an assessment or extra practice.

Math center to count the seeds and match them to the number on the basket.

Picture of some of the sheets included in the apple unit!

I hope this is something that you can use with your students!  Click HERE to visit my TPT Store to pick one up!


  1. This is so cute! I like how you did the uppercase to lowercase letter activity with the clothespin - great idea!!

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  2. You have included a lot of important early skills in this unit. It is one that I need for sure!

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