Oceans of Fun: Art in Kinder!

It is the end of the school year, and during our "free time play" I have been able to squeeze in some fun art for the kids to go along with our ocean theme.  Our simple art project consisted of coloring on white construction paper an ocean theme.  The trick is to use bright colored crayons and to press really hard.  Once they finished their under water ocean scene, then they used blue water color to paint on top and around their sea animals to make it look like their artwork is under water.  The bright colored crayons really pop because the wax in the crayons doesn't hold the blue paint. Here is the process:

We started by drawing a picture of sea animals under water.  First, we made a circle map on the board of different things that we could see in the ocean, and then the kids drew their picture.  The key is to make sure there is no white in their drawing {which is always a difficult task :)}.

Once their picture was finished, they used blue water color to paint over their crayon drawing and fill in all of the white space around their sea animals.

Here is what the adorable ocean pictures looked like after they painted on top of their ocean scene!

If we have time, next week we can write sentences about our ocean picture, describing all of the colorful animals that we see in the picture! :)


  1. So adorable! Great job!

  2. Love these adorable ocean pictures! Your students did a great job!
    We are your newest followers! If you get a chance, come over and visit us too! Happy Summer!

  3. Adorable...isn't it amazing what kids do with watercolors and crayons.

  4. I adore this! I will be adding this activity to my list of activities for when I teach about ocean animals next year!!

  5. Those turned out wonderful. I'm going to use your idea for a workshop I'm teaching in a few weeks. I just left a comment on your guest blog on kindergarten lifestyle. I love the cork board idea for displaying writing in my classroom. Thanks for always sharing such great ideas.

    Simpson Superstars

  6. So colorful! I know the kids probably had a blast making them!


  7. I just found your blog and started following you. I love it! I teach Kindergarten also. The ocean projects are adorable.

    Glitter and Glue

  8. Those pictures came out absolutely amazing!! I love your ideas & your blog! Thanks for sharing!

    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  9. You have some great artists!