Back to School Owl Assessment/Printable Pack

I am excited to show you a back to school packet that you can do with your Kindergarten students during the first week of school.  It is always difficult trying to balance the chaos of the first week with trying to get assessments done, teaching routines, making sure the little ones (and parents) are comfortable, and personally getting in the rhythm of teaching again.  :)  I designed a packet that is extremely simple and most importantly, something that you can use to assess your students.  I am going to use this the first week of school to informally assess the students on their letters, name, drawing, numbers, etc.  I will staple this together as a packet and then use this as a beginning of the year portfolio to use during conference time with the parents.  I know many people are doing an owl theme for their classroom this year, so here is the Back to School Owl Pack:

There are 9 worksheets asking the students to do the following:
-write your name
-trace your hand
-trace letters A-Z
-trace numbers 1-10
-write as many numbers as you can
-write as many letters as you can
-draw a self portrait
-color your very best: an owl picture
-draw a picture with your favorite color
-an owl craft
*I modified the sheets so some have lines and some don't so you can choose which ones you want to use with your students*

My favorite part of the Back to School Owl Pack is that it comes with an owl craft!  This is a more simple version of my "This Year Was a Hoot" Owl craft, making it easier for Kinders to make at the beginning of the year.  You could put this owl craft onto a bulletin board and title it: "Look Who's in Our Class," or "Kindergarten is a Hoot!"

If you did purchase my end of the year owl activity, you could use both of them as assessments, one for the beginning of the year and then at the end, and compare their growth!

Here are what some of the printables look like in the Back to School Owl Pack:

(the images are cut on the edges because it is a picture of the printable)

Head to my TpT store to pick up the Owl Craft and Owl Pack!


  1. Looks awesome...I love the owl theme!

  2. I am so grabbing a copy of this pack! Only downside is, back-to-school (or the start of our school year) in Australia isn't until late next January. Won't I just be the most pre-prepared teacher...

    ✿ Judith
    teaching with J

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