Alphabet Mystery Box

I have to show you this great product from Lakeshore, that I have been using this summer with my kids!  It is called the Alphabet Mystery Box!  It basically is a box, and inside are all different miniatures for every letter of the alphabet.  The students reach their hand in the box, pull out a goody, and place the miniature onto the letter that it starts with.  Love it!

I introduced the Alphabet Mystery Box as a whole group, to show them how to play the sound game.  First, reach in {this little one is peeking!} and find a miniature.

Pull out a goody and place it on the playing board.  The kids match the item with the letter that it starts with.

After showing them how to play one time, they were able to play it as a center or small group!  One thing that was great, is the students that knew all of the sounds already, were able to help the ones that didn't know them yet.  It was great to see them working as a team. :)

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  1. This looks like a great game!! It would be fun for incoming firsties too :)
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