Printing and Recognizing Numbers 1-50

We are going to start practicing numbers 1-10 soon, so I wanted to make a set of printables to practice writing and recognizing the numbers.  I followed the format of my Upper and Lower Case Printing Unit, and made one for Recognizing Numbers 1-20.

Here is what each sheet looks like.  Each page focuses on a different number.  For each number, they will practice:
-find and circling
-and drawing the number in a 10 frame or adding more numbers to the base 10 blocks

I like that there are several different ways to practice the number on each page!

I have recently added an extended version focusing on Printing and Recognizing Numbers 21-50.

If you need numbers 1-50, I also created a bundled pack! ;)

Happy counting!


  1. A great unit! Thanks for all the hard work!

    Learn, Play & Have Fun

  2. Great number sheet! I follow your blog and think it's great. Check mine out-

    Mrs Weidlichs Kindergarten Kids

  3. It's on my wishlist! I'm having a fall linky party/sale on Sept 22. Come link up and join the sale!

    Mrs. Wheeler’s First Grade
    Mrs. Wheeler TpT

  4. Great practice sheets- many ways of practice always does the trick!


    Granny Goes to School

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