Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!!!!!!!!!

I have been MIA for the last couple of big deal, I just started school!  I can't believe the second day has passed, and I already love my little ones!  

I am excited to announce the winner of my giveaway!  Attention: Samantha Evens Coyan you won!!!! I am sending you an email right now about all of the details! :)  

Thank you to all of the great friends that donated one of their outstanding products and thank you to all of you that joined the giveaway!  I will have another one when I reach 1,000 followers! :)

I am also linking up with Oh'Boy 4th Grade for a "Currently in September..."


  1. Hi, Michelle!
    Super cute blog...I looked around a little bit when I got here:) Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting on my blog! I do miss "Friends"...ahww:(

  2. I second not being sweaty at work! It was miserable the first day of school. Glad you are enjoying your new students. Glad I found your blog through Farley.

    Apples and Papers

  3. I'm in AZ and it is SUPER hot here!

    I just found your blog! I'm having a giveaway too! You should come check it out.
    The Hands-On Teacher in First!

  4. Michelle, I am soooo excited to have won!!!! Thank you so much and have a great school year!

  5. I'd wear the hot pink lipstick anyway! :) You should see us after our 45-minute dismissal in the sun--we all look like we just ran a marathon or something. I had to bring a change of clothes for my Open House night.