Stellaluna and AT word family!

One of my favorite bat books to read to the students is Stellaluna.  The illustrations are gorgeous, and it is a great story for them compare and contrast birds and bats.  I started our study on bats with reading Stellaluna to the class.

Somewhere in one of my files, I found a Stellaluna sequencing sheet.  I thought it would be more fun for the students to sequence the story onto a bat shape, instead of the paper it came with.  I made a bat shape for the students to cut out, and they glued the story in the correct order.

If there is a story that we are focusing on for the week, I like to find a youtube version of the story as well.  I like it when it is in a movie, cartoon form, or with someone reading it.  This is the Stellaluna video that we watched.

The same week we were studying about bats, I introduced the "at word family."  This includes all of the words that rhyme with "at."  I showed the students that if we have the word "at" and keep putting different letters on the front of it, the word changes and will rhyme.  We first started by making a list of words that rhyme with "at."  I drew little pictures to help some of the students who aren't grasping this concept.  {note: I am the worst drawer EVER!  I sear, drawing should be a class when getting your teaching credential...}

The next day, we read our words again, and I wrote them on post-it notes on our word family chart.  I bought these at Lakeshore, and there were about 20 sets of word family posters included.

After we reviewed our "at words" I challenged the students to write a sentence with one of the words on our list.  I modeled how to write using our sight words: I see a ____, then they were to choose a letter from the list, and write it at the end of the sentence!  I am so impressed with how well the students did with this!


  1. Ha! I agree they should teach drawing 101 in college!! Usually my kids think whatever I draw is great.....but every so often I'll get that one kiddo who speaks up and says "that totally doesn't look like a ____" (whatever it is I'm trying to draw) My latest attempt at drawing a horse was a complete failure as evidenced by laughter from my kids and myself!!! LOL

    Debbie :-)
    K is for Kinderrific

  2. I love this idea....where did you find the sequencing sheet? I would love to do this with my kindergarteners.

  3. I would also like to know where to get this sequencing sheet.

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