Simple? Yes. Engaging? Yes. Writing With Chalk

I have been trying to get my students excited about writing and learning the numbers 21-30.  Writing with pencil and paper can be SO BORING...but writing with chalk???? EXCITING!  This is seriously the most simple thing to share, but hey, if it was engaging for my kids, it could be for yours too!  

I gave each child a piece of construction paper and chalk.  I asked for volunteers to say a number between 21-30.  Then we would all write that number.  Our goal was to write the correct number and make sure there was a finger space between numbers.

I was impressed to see how well everyone followed instructions.  It was fun for them to do a simple writing exercise, but with different materials!


Mustache Monday!!

It's Spirit Week at my school!  Each day we are dressing up in a different theme, and today was "Mustache Monday!"  The kids wore mustaches to school, modeled mustache shirts, and anything else they could find!  Here are some of my accessories for the day...

Maybe even our fish dressed up!  

My favorite mustache day activity was created by Mrs. Wheeler!  We measured mustaches with paper clips and counting blocks.

She has this Mustachy Measurement activity as a freebie in her TpT Store.  If you grab it, I "mustache" you to leave her some love in the comment section!



#Five For Friday Linky

This is my new favorite day because I get to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching, and all of my captions with be in #hastags only because I think its funny.... (see last week's post on this HERE).  We are posting five pictures from our week!

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I would love to hear about your week...but just for fun, comment in #hashtags only! ;)

Hibernating Bears

I decided to do a quick unit on hibernation with my kinders before February is here. Here is a snapshot of our hibernation unit.  You can pick up the template in my Teachers Pay Teachers store!

I found some books in my classroom library that went along with the hibernation theme.  I read one a day, leading up to our bear craft.

The students made a little cave for their sleeping bear to be peaking out.  We added fake snow glitter to the top of the cave to make it look like it was snowing!

All of the students wrote the same sentence.  Sometimes I let them choose what they want to write, but this time we were focusing on finger space and making the letters the correct size.  We wrote each word together as a whole group while I guided the class through each letter.

Here is our hibernation bulletin board.  I used the same trees from my ornament bulletin board, I just added fake snow to them!


We Heart MLK

We talked about Martin Luther King, Jr. last week before we celebrated the wee no school holiday.  One of my dear friends (love you girl) shared a craft that her aunt used to do in her class back in the day.  I used it to make a more "modern version" and asked the kids what their dream was!

Here is the original craft:

This is our version:

I traced the pieces to make his face and shirt.  Then I gave the students a long strand of yarn to make all of his hair.  The kids got so creative and each MLK looked a little different!  Here are some pictures of our creative process...

We talked about how Martin Luther King had a dream that one day all kids could play together and be friends, no matter how different they are!

I asked the students to trace their hands in two different colored of paper, to make our heart of hands.

My favorite part was seeing what each student's dream was.  Some understood the concept, some wished for dragons that breathe fire... ;)


Love Day Centers

It's time to get ready for Valentine's Day.  I created a Valentine's Day Center Pack that has 3 Language Arts Centers and 2 Math Centers.  I like to keep centers available for the students that finish early with their work.  First, I teach them whole group how to complete the center, then I leave it on the shelf for them to do independently if they finish early with their work.

{Purchase at my TpT Store}

This bundle includes 3 Language Arts Centers and 2 Math Centers.  Each center includes a response worksheet for the students to complete.  All centers are aligned to the Common Core Standards for Kindergarten.

Language Arts-
-Syllable Sort:  Students sort picture cards according to how many syllables are in the word
-Rhyming Word Match:  Students match picture cards according to the same rhyming words.  To differentiate, the students can match the picture card to the written word card.
-Build a Sentence:  Students build a sentence with the word cards.  Example:  I see a red heart.  Students place the cards in order and match it to the picture of the red heart.

-20 Frame:  Students pick a number card and they place that many counters onto the 20 frame.
-20 Frame and Number Match:  Students match the 20 Frame to the correct number.

I hope you enjoy this pack full of "love!"

Counting With Base 10 Blocks

Check out my post over at Common Core Classrooms to see a simple way to practice counting with base 10 blocks.  This blog is complied of teacher blog authors of every grade level, discussing everything common core!

Common Core Classrooms

We practiced counting with base 10 on the image above to see what we did in class.  :)


A New Blog: Kinderland

Today I want to share with you a new blog that I am a shared author at: Kinderland.  This is a collaborative blog compiled of several different Kindgargarten teacher bloggers!  I will be writing a post each month over there, but there are posts every day from some amazing bloggers!  Please check it out, and follow it!  

You can visit Kinderland to see my idea of how to use these puffy heart stickers for a Valentine's Day center....


Five for Friday: Linky Party

I think I am planning on joining this linky party every Friday!  Doodle Bugs Teaching is going to be hosting this Five for Friday linky party to share 5 photos of your week!

Does anyone else think it is hilarious to add random #{hashtags} when texting with friends?  I think it is hilarious, so I am going to share the description of my photos only in hashtags...

#MLK #ihaveadream #yarnhair

#futureartist #itsmessysowegooutside

#hotcocoatasting #thumbsup

#disneyland #jumpingpicture

#licecheck #imclean

I would love it if you only respond in #(hashtags).  Is this the weirdest post ever?