Product Swap...a little late...

My sweet friend, Mandy, and I are participating in Jessica's Product Swap today!  We might be a little late, but we still have awesome goodies to share with you!  Mandy's blog is A Special Kind of Class and she just reached 1,000 followers!  She is having a mega giveaway right now, so make sure you head over to participate in it and FOLLOW her blog!  Be sure to visit her TpT Store as well!

Mandy sent me two of her products and I am obsessed with both!  The first one is her Snowflake Math Unit.  She covered so many different math Common Core Standards in this unit, that include center activities and response sheets.

One of the math activities included counting snowflakes.  The students counted the snowflakes on the card and found the number to place in the box.  My students were really excited about this activity and they all wanted to do this one during center time!

She made the response sheet for the students to practice counting.  We decided to use dot paint to count each number.  Why does dot paint make everything more engaging?!?!

This math center was focused on addition.  The students added the snowflakes and placed the number in the box.

The last version allowed the students to choose how many snowflakes they would place on their counting mat, and then they placed that exact number of snowflakes around the snowman.

Mandy made a center for the students to practice ordering numbers.  She included a set to put numbers 1-20 in order and another set to order 1-100 (by 10's) in order.

After the students ordered the snowflake numbers, they were able to use the response sheet to practice writing the numbers.  They used the mat as a guide to make sure they were printing the numbers the correct way.

In the "Race to 100" game, the students rolled the snowflake dice and then dotted (or colored) the amount of snowflakes that they rolled.  She included several different kinds of dice, so you can choose what numbers you want them to practice counting to.

Here are the different math centers included in this unit:

This sight word game was a favorite in my class.  The kids matched the sight words to each snowman with the hat!  

Jessica from Mrs. Stanford's Class hosted this Product Swap this weekend!  Thank you for letting us participate! :)


  1. This looks great Michelle! It looks like you got a fabulous product out of the swap. I will have to check out her TPT. Thanks so much for sharing.

    Lovely Literacy & More

  2. Looks like a fantastic project. Love all the snowman stuff because you can get some good yardage out of it-Dec thru Jan. Love the dot stamps too!
    Fluttering Through First Grade