Writing Like George Washington Did With a Feather Pen... Genius Idea Gone Wrong...

Not only is my title of this blog post entirely too long, my genius idea bombed.  We were learning about George Washington last week, and one of our standards in social studies is to learn about how things were "a long time ago."  In one of the stories I was reading, it mentioned how George Washington would write with a feather pen in ink, instead of a pencil like we do.  A brilliant idea formed in my mind:  we will write with paint and feathers on construction paper and really experience the difference of how we write today....nope.  It turned into a giant mess, with kids frustrated because their feather kept collapsing.  I suppose if I tested it before busting out all of the paint and feathers, I would have discovered that I could have taped the point of the feather to add stability.  

I hope I am not the only one that gets a wild idea, scrambles to make it happen so you don't lose the teachable moment, and then it is a disaster.  But hey, sometimes it works out and I can give myself a gold star for creativity for the day!  Her are some pictures of my almost successful project....

Here is me testing it out.  I thought they could write their names with the feathers and paint...

My dear friend, Tyson, came the closest to writing his name!

It was actually interesting to see the different kid's fine motor skills and levels of frustration when trying to maneuver the floppy feather.  Some of them wrote their name, and the others just had a blast painting with the feathers on their paper!

Did my vision work as planned?  Nope.  But did we write just like George Washington?  Yep!



I have been out of town the past two weekends and wasn't able to get organized last week to post regularly!  {sorry about that!}  But this post will be so worth the wait....  Last weekend I got to meet some of my dear blogging buddies in real life.  It's funny (creeps people out) when I talk about my blogging friends, and they quickly realize that we haven't met in person.  There are local blogger meet-ups that happen, but this is the first one that I have gotten to meet blogging friends from different states! I want to share pictures with you, but the first one I want to share is the embrace when we all got to finally meet...

This picture makes me smile because you can see the joy on their faces as they all embrace!

Let me start from the beginning of our trip and share some of the highlights and people along the way...  We all met in Ohio.  Yep.  Not California or Hawaii (both options!)...but look how beautiful it is!  It was so nice to get away and be surrounded by a slower freezing pace of life.

The amazing Jessica {Mrs. Stanford's Class}, picked myself and Hadar 
{Miss Kindergarten} up at the airport, bright and early in the morning.  We made the mistake of taking a red-eye flight (a lesson learned...).  There was a good 3 hour drive to our hotel, and I don't think there was a moment of silence.  I may or may not have passed out in the back seat for some of it, but Jessica was the most bubbly, LOUD, vibrant person ever.  We were all instant besties#

We made our way to a wonderful pizza restaurant for lunch and the first group of us got to meet!  Megan was our host for the weekend and was so organized and was great at showing us around!  Here are the ladies from left to right, and then the front row:
Hadar and Jessica

Here is me smelling the yummy pizza.  Gotta smell things before you eat them, right?  And this meal was one of the most entertaining conversations of my life.  

Now, you might ask, what do teacher bloggers do when they fly across the United States to hang out??? Oh, they go to TARGET!  Yep, we all share a little passion, called the Dollar Bin.  Nicole flew out from Hawaii, and they don't have a Target where she lives!!! We had to go for her especially...

Next on the "To Do" list was make a quick stop at Ikea.  There are always such good decorating ideas that you can use in your classroom there!  The bottom left picture is Squirrels and Jessica.  Squirrels is twisting and setting all of the timers on the shelf...that about sums her up! lol

Here is a group shot of us at dinner when four other ladies came and joined us!  You can see Stephanie {Falling into First} and Kelley {The Teacher Idea Factory} in the front of the left,  Katie {Queen of the First Grade Jungle} third on the right, and Susan {Thank God It's First Grade} way in the back on the right!

Here are the ladies walking on the street, freezing!!!!

This is my favorite group shot of us!

I am a fan of "jumping pictures."  I am normally the one jumping and I send it to the girls...it was my turn to take the photo!

I would like you to meet Betty.  This is a purse.  And she has a twitter @betty_coop.

On our flight home, Hadar and I were having major #FOMO (fear of missing out) and we didn't want to turn off our phones to miss the constant group texting....this is what was waiting for us when we could finally turn our phones back on!  I think we have all been texting since we landed...


Recognizing and Printing Numbers 21-50 and a WINNER

We are having major difficulty printing numbers 20-30 in my class.  I decided to make an extended version of my Printing and Recognizing Numbers 1-20 pack.  My students are writing their numbers backwards and in the wrong order, so this will help them with the higher digits.  Introducing my newest pack:

I made a bundled version of all of the printing number worksheets for numbers 1-50, if you need all of them!

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I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for her Five For Friday linky!  I will be participating using #hastags for my captions!  I had a wild and crazy week celebrating the 100th day of school AND Valentine's Day!  Not a dull moment over here in this Kinder class...

#RollTheDiceTo100  #SimpsonSuperStars

#IChewsYou  #ACupcakeForTheTeacher

#24  #FromMyValentine

#$5AtKohls  #IShopAtKohlsAmIMyMother?
I would love for you to play along, and leave a #hashtag comment!

Our Valentine's Day in Class

We had an eventful day celebrating the ones we love!  My favorite activities were the ones we did with conversation hearts.  I know you have seen this all over, but I wanted to share because the kids had so much fun graphing and making patterns with the heart candies!

I downloaded this resource from What The Teacher Wants last year!  We placed a color pattern in the hearts on the paper, then colored them in and wrote the letter pattern.

Please ignore the lollipop in the student's hand (oops!), after we made patterns, we graphed the colors that were in our box!

For homework, the students decorated a box to hold their Valentines!  This house was my favorite one. :)

Our room moms made waffles in the class, and served them with whipped cream and strawberries!  I didn't get a picture of the homemade chocolate syrup!  I hope you had fun with your class!

Be sure to catch my YouTube video on how I run a Valentine's Party in my class!


All You Need is LOVE...Giveaway!

I am so excited to be linking up with some of my favorite bloggers to participate in a Valentine's Giveaway!  We are celebrating that love is in the air, and of couse, our 3 day weekend!  I hope you are able to get rested this weekend and do a little shopping too! ;)

I want to give away any 3 products from my TpT Store to 3 lucky winners!  You can choose 3 items of your choice, and I will send them over to you!  Here are some goodies you may want to choose from...

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Library Mom Extravaganza: Dinos

I have the most wonderful library mom helpers that come and read to us during library time.  I want to share with you a fun, simple book that we read with the kids that was all about dinosaurs.  Our mom found some dinosaur toys that matched the ones in the book, Dinosaur Days.  She brought them in to engaged the students while she was reading.

After we listened to the story, we needed to act out some of the dinosaurs' characteristics.  "Stomping" was a crowd favorite. ;)

As a treat, our mom brought in little dinosaurs to give to the students.  The children loved picking out their little dino friend!  

Thank you library moms for all of the thought that you put into making reading engaging for our kids!


#MyWeek: Double Linky

I'm keeping my Five For Friday linky party tradition by sharing my captions in #hashtag only...Please join me in this humor and take a peek at my week in these 5 photos.  Hop over to Doodle Bugs Teaching to join in the linky party!  Teaching Maddness is also having a linky party to share about your week...am I allowed to both in one post??!

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