Library Mom Extravaganza: Dinos

I have the most wonderful library mom helpers that come and read to us during library time.  I want to share with you a fun, simple book that we read with the kids that was all about dinosaurs.  Our mom found some dinosaur toys that matched the ones in the book, Dinosaur Days.  She brought them in to engaged the students while she was reading.

After we listened to the story, we needed to act out some of the dinosaurs' characteristics.  "Stomping" was a crowd favorite. ;)

As a treat, our mom brought in little dinosaurs to give to the students.  The children loved picking out their little dino friend!  

Thank you library moms for all of the thought that you put into making reading engaging for our kids!

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  1. Hi Michelle, That's cool...I used to teach at a private christian school a long time ago and the library moms were the best. That was a very thoughtful mom. Love that she did that!