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I am so excited to be a part of this Spring Blog Hop, hosted by A Cupcake for the Teacher and all of the members of the Freebielicious collaborative blog!  Everyone is sharing a freebie, so be sure to hop through all of the blogs. :)

Mrs. Miner's Kindergarten Monkey Business probably sent you over here, but if you haven't checked out her freebie, be sure to do so!  I want to share with you a little subtraction freebie to use with your students.  I am just introducing addition to my Kinders, but subtraction will be just around the corner!  Click on the image to head to my TpT Store for a freebie!

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Things That Go: {A Transportation Unit}

For the past three weeks we have been studying language arts and math around the theme: Things That Go.  We have been learning about all different types of transportation.  I made this unit to help our study.  Take a look...

Here is what is included and a sample picture of each goodie!
(some of the borders are cut off on the pictures...ignore that!) :/

 10 maps to describe the different vehicles-
fire truck
police car

10 maps to plan a sentence about the different vehicles-
fire truck
police car

-writing response sheets
"What is your favorite type of transportation?"

 -cut and paste labeling sheets-
fire truck

 -compare and contrast sheets-
fire truck vs. police car
plane vs. train

ABC order

 Parts of Speech Center-
students sort the words according to: verb, adjective, or noun

 Addition Center-
students look at the picture cards and write the sum on the recording sheet

 Beginning and Ending Sound Center-
students look at the transportation cards and record the beginning sound or ending sound of the word.  There are also two cut and paste worksheets for beginning and ending sounds

 Read and Write the Room and Sorting Center-
the same cards can be used as a read and write the room activity or for sorting them in different categories.  There are recording sheets, and cut and paste sheets to sort the vehicles by different categories

 Write What You See Activity
cut and paste writing center to write a sentence describing the order of the cars

  Transportation Emergent Reader
linguistic pattern: A ____ can go.

All of the centers are aligned to the Common Core Standards.
Thank you for taking the time to read and look at the pictures of my Things That Go: {A Transportation Unit}!  Click HERE to purchase at my TpT Store!

Steam Trains

We are learning about "Things that Have Wheels" in our language arts curriculum.  I just finished my Transportation Unit, and I found this awesome post on how to do a directed drawing of a steam train.  {You can see the steps HERE.}  So I decided to do a drawing and writing of a train!

Before we could write about trains, I thought it would be good to explore them.  I brought out our toy trains and we took turns rolling it down the track.  We talked about what trains have, what they can do, and what we like about them.

I used the directed drawing directions and we drew the train step-by-step in pencil.  I drew the two large wheels for everyone ahead of time.  This helped them make their train a large enough size so they could add all the details on.

Once they drew the train in pencil, they traced it in Sharpie.

Next we colored the details.

Finally, they wrote two sentences about their train.  We really focused on finger spaces for this assignment!

Of course we read "The Little Engine That Could," accompanied with my train whistle, to give it some pizazz!  I am on my way to Spring Break tomorrow!  Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Check out my Things That Go: {A Transportation Unit} to go with this train activity!


Math with Base 10 Blocks

I want to share some photos of my new Base 10 Block Math Unit.  My students have been enjoying this unit to help them group numbers, count, and add, all using base 10 blocks.  This is a new Common Core Standard that has been added in Kindergarten, so I wanted to be prepared next year when we integrate it into our math curriculum.  Here are some photos of the different math centers available in the unit.

This is a 10 frame center where the students choose a card to lay on the mat, and they place that many blocks (or counters) into the 10 frame box.  There are three different mats to use for numbers to 10, 20, or 30.

They pick a card and lay it on the mat, then show that number on in the 10 frame.

This is an addition center.  You can use this for a "Count the Room" activity, or leave it to do during center time.  All of the centers come with a recording sheet to solve the math problems.

For advanced learners, the students can write the missing number in the addition sentence.

Here is a simple counting center.  The students count the blocks in the card, and write the number on the recording sheet.

My students had a blast doing this center today.  They had to find the number, group of base 10 blocks, and 10 frames with the same number and match them together.  It was amazing watching their cooperation skills to count and organize all of the cards.

My favorite part of this math unit are the 3 Emergent Readers.  The students read the sentence, and color the correct number of blocks.  The readers count to 10, 20, or, 30.  I can use these throughout the year, or to differentiate for my different students.

I made 20 different printables that you can use for whole group instruction, morning work, homework, or center time.  This week I sent two of the sheets home for homework.

You can purchase this Base 10 Math Unit at my TpT Store.


Hippity Blog Hop!

Learning with Mrs. Leeby is hosting a Hippity Blog Hop to celebrate Spring!  Hop on over to her blog to participate in a fun giveaway!

I am donating my Base 10 Math Unit, along with 14 prizes to win, so be sure to check it out!

First I would like to give a big shout out to Lori from Conversations in Literacy for linking up with me! Thanks to those who hopped over from her blog!

I want to share with you an Easter Egg Addition freebie that you could use as a math center.  The kids add the eggs and write the sum on the recording sheet!  Click on the image to get a free download at my TpT Store!

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Base 10 Blocks Math Unit

I am excited to share with you a new Base 10 Math Unit that I created.  This bad boy has taken me a long time to prepare and I am so thrilled with how it turned out.  We have been learning how to count and add with base 10 blocks and it wasn't covered in my curriculum.  This is new to the CCS for Kindergarten, so I decided to make my own unit with my class.  Here it is...

Head to my TpT Store to pick one up!

This unit contains centers and printables to teach the beginning of counting and adding with base 10 blocks.  This falls under the Common Core Standard: "Number and Operation in Base 10" for Kindergarten and 1st Grade.  
The centers include:
-adding base 10 blocks
-solving to find the missing number in the addition sentence
-3 emergent readers incorporating counting and coloring base 10 blocks
-matching the 10 frame, base 10 blocks, and number
-count the room: count and write the number of the base 10 blocks
-10 frame center: place the base 10 block card above the 10 frame, and fill the boxes
-20 printables to use during centers or whole group instruction

Each center is accompanied with the CCS and recording sheet.  This unit focuses on sums 10-30.

Here are some photos from the unit...

10 Frame and Base 10 Block Counting Center

 Count the Room

 Counting Emergent Reader

To see more pictures of the unit, click HERE!


"AT Word" Writing and Guessing My Age...

We painted hats for "Dr. Seuss Week" and I was trying to find a way to use them for writing.  Last year, I used them in math (it didn't works so well), so I thought I would switch it to language arts.  We decided to write sentences on them!  Take a look...

After reading "The Cat in the Hat" we wrote words on the board that rhymed with "at."

The students used that list to write three sentences using those words.  They wrote them in every other stripe on the hat, and we painted the stripes without sentences.



Today is also my birthday...the kids got to try and guess my age!  Lets just say I am somewhere between Tyson and Elle! ;)