Teacher Appreciation SALE! and a Feedback Linky...

Teachers Pay Teachers is having a Teacher Appreciation Sale May 7th and 8th!  My store is 20% off...and if you enter the Coupon Code: TAD13... you will get an extra 8% off... so that's 28% total...wow, that's a lot of numbers... ;)

Thank you Hadar for the adorable button!

I also want to link up with Bunting, Books, and Bainbridge to say thank you to all of the shoppers that leave nice feedback! :)

Here is some lovely feedback from "teachertonyak"... if that's you, email me for a free treat from my TpT Store! (applesandabcs@gmail.com).

Here is the Base 10 Math Unit:

Here are some other favorites of mine to check out for the TpT Sale!

{Click on the images to view in my store}

Happy Shopping!  Here are some other bloggers having sales...


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    School Is a Happy Place

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