I am obsessed with SUCCULENTS... Parent Gift Idea!

I am fully obsessed with succulents.  But the problem is, I can't keep them alive.  They don't need any care or love, but they still hate me and die. ;)  I have this one little plant that has been living for about 7 months, and I check on it every day, so maybe my thumb is turning green??

I was at Home Depot and found 13 little succulents that I could use for my parent helper gifts and teacher aide gift.  They were $2 each and the source of my inspiration!

I found tin mini watering cans at Michael's and they were the perfect thing to hold my little succulents.  I made a little sign (after a discussion with my Instagram peers... with Cupcake winning the discussion) to use the phrase, "Thank you for helping our class grow!"

Each parent that had a designated weekly helper time received one of these succulent and watering can gifts.  It was a little way to say thank you for all of the time and hard work into helping our class run more smoothly.  I work at a private school, and we have lots of opportunities for helpers.  Here are some of the ones that I have:
-Library Helper
-Computer Lab Helper
-Homework Folder Helper
-Sight Word Tester
-End of the Year Memory Book Helper

These were what I gave my aide and Room Moms.  I found the jumbo sandal at Hobby Lobby and all of the gardening details in heaven the dollar bin at Target.  I couldn't tell if the sandals creeped me out or if I loved them... I still can't decide...