Beginning of the Year Kindergarten Assessments

It is almost time to go back to school, and I like to get organized for my beginning or the year assessments.  Once school starts, have about two months before parent-teacher conferences, so I need to get started on the assessments right away.  These can take a long time, because most of the assessments for the beginning of kindergarten are given to the students one on one.  I gather all of my data from the beginning of the year, and have it ready in a folder to share with the parents during conferences.  

I created this "Back to School Kindergarten Assessments" pack to use with my students as they enter my class.

Here is what is included- There are 15 different assessments:
-Print their name (3 different formats)
-Draw a self portrait
-Handprint trace
-Draw a picture
-Trace numbers 1-10
-Print numbers (3 different formats)
-Trace upper case letters
-Trace lower case letters
-Print letters (3 different formats)
-Flashcard assessment and recording sheets for:
upper and lower case letters and sounds
number recognition 1-30 (you can modify what numbers they are tested on)
-color and shape recognition

If you are doing an owl theme, this version would be perfect for you!  I used this one last year with my class!

This pack does include a little owl craft as well!  Also, if you purchased it last year, be sure to re-download it so you can get the revised addition!

For more details, check out my TpT Store!

Good luck with all of your planing as you are getting ready for the school year!


  1. I love the preview to your Back to School with the school bus, but I'm getting an error message when I try to open it.

  2. Cute and useful packs for start of year. The owl craft is gorgeous too. Hope your new year is filled with fun.

    Mrs Stowe's Kinder Cottage

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