Confetti Quotes and a Winner!

I have been a little nervous to share my 4th grade ideas because I don't consider myself an "expert" yet, and I feel like I am still getting my feet wet.  I shared this idea on my Instagram (@applesandabcs) and I got some positive feedback, so I am feeling brave and want to share it on my blog.  After a month in 4th grade, I was noticing that the students get confused on where to put quotation marks and punctuation when it comes to writing out dialogue. 

I was at the Dollar Tree, and saw some confetti that reminded me of quotation marks and periods.  The confetti inspired the idea to have the students write spooky sentences and then 
glue down the punctuation!  

Take a look at our SpOoKy SeNtEnCeS!

We kept using the phrase the "bats like to hug the sentence," and they had to remember that the pumpkin doesn't like to be left out!

We did this as a whole group lesson, but I am going to have it in my center rotation for next week for the kids to keep practicing their punctuation.

Last but not least, the winner of the Scotch Tape Giveaway is...

I already emailed you, Heather!  Thanks for participating!  


  1. I'm sorry but that is THE cutest thing!!!!! I love that WAY better than the noodle ones I have seen!!

  2. What a cute way to use the confetti! I know your students had lots of fun with this!
    Conversations in Literacy

  3. Michelle - you should NOT be nervous are a talented teacher whatever grade you decide to teach. This idea is brilliant...I love the hugging the sentence idea. Too cute my friend,,,,too cute!
    Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After

  4. Love it! Will be getting some pumpkin confetti for sentences next week! Thanks for sharing

  5. Oh my goodness, Michelle, you are totally a fabulous "expert" teacher, no matter what grade you teach!! I absolutely love this idea!!! I need to go out and find some of this confetti now!!! I'm so happy you are in 4th now so I get to steal some of your wonderful 4th grade ideas!!! :)