Five for FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does it feel like Sunday to anyone else??!?!  To celebrate the longest week ever, I am going to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to share five photos from my week!

We had Jr. Kindergarten reading buddies and we did a skeleton craft with them this week!  We gave the students q-tips and let them get creative and build their own skeletons. 

This is Hercules.  This little Goldendoodle melts my heart.

Miss Kindergarten and I are presenting at the Southern California Kindergarten Conference in Pasadena, CA, this February!  My favorite part of this weekend will be the BLOGGER BASH, where we are welcoming all teachers and bloggers to meet up and hang out!  To sign up, go here.
We celebrated Red Ribbon Week at our school this past week!  I LOVE this spider door, decorated by my neighbor!  (I will share mine this weekend)
We needed a little review on contractions, so I made this popcorn themed contraction center!  I will post it soon in my TpT Store.

Hope you all had a wonderful week, let the weekend begin!


  1. Wish I could attend! Are speaking at the Northern California K conference? I love the skeletons and will be doing a similar version on Thursday for Halloween stations. Love the door decoration.

  2. I know you're all closer to SoCal but us NorCal girls would love to see you present, too!

  3. Found you on the linky! That conference sounds awesome! Enjoy! :)

    Sarah Beth
    Miss White's Classroom