Elf in the Classroom

To get this Christmas season off to the right start, we are going to be using my Santa's Little Helper unit for some fun learning opportunities! 

In this pack you will find...

 -Rhyming Word Center
-“Santa’s Little Helper”- Beginning, Middle and End Center
-“Label the Presents”-Beginning, Middle, End Sound Printables (3 versions)
-My Elf Decodable-an interactive decodable
-My Elf Sentences-pratice writing sentences
-Elf Journal (3 versions)- Keep a daily journal of your elf's antics!
-Describe Your Elf Graphic Organizer
-A Letter to Santa (2 versions)- the students write a letter to Santa and draw a picture
-Christmas Wish List- students make a wish list for Santa
-Counting Center- the students match the sentence, number of elves, and the ten frame

The whole pack is aligned to the Common Core Standards!


  1. Can't wait to link up! You and Mel are so elf-inspirational! I would love for you to link up your awesome elf resource at my Elf Class Ideas Linky Party, too! Thank you, Michelle!
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