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Base 10 Math Unit

When I first started teaching, I was nervous to teach the kids to count and add with base 10 blocks.  I have no clue why!  But once I dug my feet in, and saw how fast they can learn math concepts using these blocks, they won me over.  Not to mention it's a standard and important foundational skill to understand how to add and regroup.
Here is a Base 10 Math Unit that can help with teaching sums to 30 using base 10 blocks.  Take a look...

The students pick a card, and fill in the 10-30 frame mat with counters.

I incorporated some emergent readers for math so we could practice our sight words WHILE counting! My Common Core team loved this example of extending literacy into math.

Here is a basic count and write the number center.  It is challenging teaching kinder, when some kids are still counting to 30 and others are ready to add.  I have both options in this pack so you can differentiate your math centers.

Here is the addition center, they add the blocks and record their answer.

This is a more challenging math center.  The students have to write how many MORE blocks they need to get a sum of 10.  I made cards with sums to 10, 20, and 30 so you can level your math centers.

I placed this math center out for the kids to play with once they finished their work.  They matched all of the cards with the same number.  At different parts of the week, I gave them just one set, and they had to place the cards in numerical order.

The Base 10 Math Unit has 20 printables for you to use during morning work, homework, centers, or for independent practice.  The kids LOVED the variation on the sheets, and I could also differentiate among my learners. 

I hope this is something you could use in your class! :)


Simple DIY Building Words Center

I want to share a simple DIY building word center that you can make for your students!  You can use this with CVC words, or have them practice a specific word family at a time.  

I found this plastic plastic plate at the 99 Cents Store.  It is perfect because it has three slots on one side for the kids to build their word, and a large section for them to store the extra letters.

I cut out a piece of paper to cover the Transformer picture ( I assumed that would be distracting, lol!) and taped it down to the plate.  I wanted the students to practice the "at" word family, so those letters had to stay in the word building part of the tray.

I made sure that the letters to choose from, were letters that could build a real word in the "at" family.  For differentiation, you could challenge them and have all sorts of letters to choose from, that wouldn't necessarily make a real word.

To start, I told them what word to build, then they told each other what word to make, and lastly they made their own words and read them!  You could even have a sheet of paper next to the plate and have them write down all of the words as they build them.

It was fun watching them get excited about sounding out words to make their own!


MLK Writing Paper Freebie!!!!

I am getting organized for MLK day next week, and I wanted to share some MLK Writing Paper that I put for free in my TpT Store.  We brainstormed what the kids already know about MLK.  I am so excited to continue our study this week and next!  If you are looking for final draft paper, or paper for the little ones, please take a copy!

Sad green cast. :(  But look at him still writing!!!

Happy MLK day!


Winter Words: Learn to Read and Write!

I am excited to introduce a new pack for practicing reading and writing words.  It is themed for the winter so you can use it with your seasonal activities!  It covers 25 words that you could use for the months of December-March.

What I love about using this type of printable, is the kids do multiple things with each word: they read it, color it, trace it, find it, write it, and cut and paste it!  Once you show them how to do one of the sheets, they can complete them independently.  These are great for independent practice, center work, homework, early finishers, etc!

Check them out in my TpT Store!

Click HERE to get a FREEBIE for MLK Day! (the link should be working now)

If you have students that are ready to write sentences, check out the same type of pack, but for Writing Winter Sentences.  See the blog post HERE.