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I also wanted to share a photo from Easter....Hercules (a golden doodle) is such a good sport!  My fiancĂ© is out of town for the weekend, so it is just me and Herc...wish me luck, it's my first time puppy sitting.  I guess I need to get used to this! ;)


Ice Cream Addition Printables

I have been wanting to make an ice cream unit for forever and the time is finally here!  Here is a no-prep. printable pack to help you reinforce addition with your little ones.  There are several activities, and then differentiated sheets among each activity...take a look!

Cherry on Top: the students count the cherries, and find an addition sentence to match!

Sweet Sums Sort: the students sort the scoops according to the sum.

 Addition Sentences:  the students unscramble the numbers to make an addition sentence.

Color by addition: the students solve the addition problem and color by number according to the sums.

Here are some more examples of what is included in the Sweet Sums pack!

Hopefully this addition unit will be helpful to teach the beginning stages of addition!  Head over to my Teachers Pay Teachers store to find out more details!


Earth Day Ideas and a Freebie

I have been on the hunt for some cute Earth Day ideas!  I wanted to share with you some creative crafts that I found on Pinterest!

This super cute sun-catcher is from No Time for Flash Cards.  There is a great tutorial on how to make this at home or in your classroom.  

I am kind of obsessed with these recycled flowers!  They are from old magazines and newspapers.  Splish Splash Splatter had a great idea with this cute project.  It would even be an adorable present for Mother's Day!

One of my favorites, from A Cupcake for the Teacher, is her recycling craft!

This little footprint earth, from A Little Learning for Two, is the most ADORABLE kid's project.  It is isn't practical in the classroom, but if I had kids I would definitely do this with their little feet!!!

Here is a little hand print craft I did with my students last year...they LOVED having their handprint as the land.  :)

I have a little labeling activity that you can do with your kids that incorporates recycling!  It's a freebie in my TpT Store! :)


Click Clack Moo Freebie!

Teaching about the farm is such a fun unit for the little ones, especially when you get to study about the chicken life cycle and baby animals (I miss Kinder...).  Here is a little freebie for you, if you read the book Click, Clack, Moo: Cows that Type.  

I included a letter to Farmer Brown and an interactive decodable reader for the students to write down what each of the animals want from the farmer.

Grab the freebie HERE!

If you need a detailed farm unit, be sure to check out my Welcome to the Farm pack.  I think my favorite part are the pig and cow craftivity. :)


Spring Carrot Shakers for Division FREEBIE

Welcome to our Freebie Spring Blog Hop!  You can hop along between our blogs, and pick up a freebie along the way!  Thank you for coming from Learning with Mrs. Leeby!

I am really trying to get creative with practicing division in our class.  Surprisingly, it is going smoother than when I taught 4 digit multiplication, so that's a good thing!  I saw cute carrot "Easter eggs" at the Dollar Tree, and I thought of a fun way to use them while practicing division! 

The first thing I did was write numbers on cardstock that I would put inside my carrot.  I used 4 digit numbers that they could use to divide. 

I filled the carrot with Perler Beads and a pipe cleaner (it is always fun to use pom poms!) 

The name of the game is the students shook the carrot and looked through it to find a number (the divisor), they rolled the dice (the dividend), then they wrote the problem on the recording sheet and solved!

If you wanted to do this for primary, you could fill the carrots with letters, numbers, addition problems...anything!  Here is the recording sheet for FREE!

Next up, hop over to Primary Possibilities for a freebie!

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Community Helpers

One of my favorite social studies units to teach in Kindergarten is about Community Helpers!  The students get really excited to learn about firefighters and police officers, and everyone else in between.  Last year, I decided to do a community helper report.  Each student chose a community helper to visit at work.  This was a home project where the parents took their child to visit a helper, take a photo with them, and ask them interview questions.  

I made a little Community Helper Report for the students to fill out at home.  They filled out the writing prompts and either drew pictures or taped in photos from when they visited their community helper.  Another element of the project was to decorate a cardboard person and make them look like their helper.  I found the cardboard people at Lakeshore, and they could use any material to decorate it!  On the due date, the students gave an oral presentation, sharing their community helper cutout, and their research journal!  

In class, I frontloaded and reinforced different elements of being a community helper using different learning centers.  Here is my Community Helper Pack that incorporates the project and minimal prep. activities!

You can see more details about this Community Helper Unit in my TpT Store!