Community Helpers

One of my favorite social studies units to teach in Kindergarten is about Community Helpers!  The students get really excited to learn about firefighters and police officers, and everyone else in between.  Last year, I decided to do a community helper report.  Each student chose a community helper to visit at work.  This was a home project where the parents took their child to visit a helper, take a photo with them, and ask them interview questions.  

I made a little Community Helper Report for the students to fill out at home.  They filled out the writing prompts and either drew pictures or taped in photos from when they visited their community helper.  Another element of the project was to decorate a cardboard person and make them look like their helper.  I found the cardboard people at Lakeshore, and they could use any material to decorate it!  On the due date, the students gave an oral presentation, sharing their community helper cutout, and their research journal!  

In class, I frontloaded and reinforced different elements of being a community helper using different learning centers.  Here is my Community Helper Pack that incorporates the project and minimal prep. activities!

You can see more details about this Community Helper Unit in my TpT Store!


  1. I purchased your Community Helpers report a while back, absolutely love it, and I'm finally using it this week. I wanted to pick your brain about the turn around time for the report. I was thinking a week but I wanted to know how long you gave your students to complete the project. I'm working with kindergarten and first graders. Thanks!

    1. Hi! I actually gave them 3 weeks for the turn around. :) That way there weren't any excuses for them to not get it completed. Plus the parents have to take them to meet a community helper and then develop the pictures, so I wanted to give them a lot of time. :)

  2. Your unit looks great and the family project is fun! :)

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