Basketball Fact and Opinion

In my class this year, I sometimes have a hard time keeping the boys engaged.  Unless it has to do  What better way to have my students practice fact vs. opinion?  Make it basketball themed!  I found an amazing fact and opinion craftivity by Deb Hanson, and I put a twist on it to use it in my class (I asked her if I could share my twist and she said yes!).  

We are reading The Indian in the Cupboard and learning new vocabulary words as we go.  I also wanted a cute bulletin board for Open House, AND I wanted to make it engaging for my basketball boys.  And this is what happened...

I gave each student two basketballs.  On one they wrote an opinion about the book.  On the second basketball, they wrote a fact using one of our vocabulary words in the sentence.  I was surprised by two things:
1.  how they were still confused by what an opinion was in 4th grade
2.  how amazing their sentences turned out!

This was a great way to practice our new vocabulary words and to review fact vs. opinion!  

Check out the sample sentence in the basketball below!

Open House is tomorrow, wish me luck! :)


  1. I love this idea! It's true with fact vs. opinion - very difficult to learn.

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