End of the Year Parent Gift

I found the cutest parent thank you gift idea from A Sunny Day in First Grade!  She bought a beverage dispenser and filled it with lemons, added a spoon, and a cute little label.  She has the labels as a freebie if you want to download them.  

I have two room moms that seriously made my life a whole lot easier though out the school year.  They organized our class parties, fundraisers, and so much more!  At the end of each year, I give my room parents a gift to say thank you for all of your hard work!

I found the mason jar and spoon at Tj Maxx.  I also thought it would be a cute idea to have all of the students sign the spoon, but I ran out of time this year!
The lemons are from the grocery store and I made the little note!

I typed up a little note that reads, "Thank you for pouring into our lives!"
The room moms were so excited about their gift and the kids were excited about it too!

Thank you to all of the parents out there for all of the time, money, and support you give to the teachers!  We really do appreciate it! :)


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