Fitness on the 31st

Every month I am writing a post about fitness!  I shared before that in the past 6 months I have started a new work out called Kaia.  {You can read about my description of it HERE}

My favorite thing about Kaia is it is women only and is centered around positivity and encouragement.  I just got married so for a whole month I didn't go to a Kaia Klass!  Between the week of, wedding day, honeymoon, coming home and nesting, and then being nervous of the first day going back... a whole month passed.  I felt nervous to go back because the workouts PUSH you and I was worried I would be super out of shape!  I went back this week, and I'm not kidding, it felt INCREDIBLE to get my body moving again and to feel healthy and strong.  I picked up right were I left off, and my Koaches were encouraging me the whole time!

A lot of our workouts include using a handbag for additional weight.  I shared this on my Instagram earlier this week but OMG how cute is this watermelon handbag from class?!?!  

I worked REALLY hard before the wedding to eat really healthy and incorporate as many healthy meals as I could.  "Maybe" I fell off the wagon and have been eating quesadillas for the past two weeks.  #notkidding  Now it is time for me to get back on the health train!  Several of my friends have tried the Whole30 challenge, and I am contemplating doing it!!  

My girlfriend has an amazing food blog, One Classy Dish, and she has a TON of Whole30 Recipes!  I am so intimidated by cooking, but with her photos and clear directions I seriously think it might be possible for me!!!

This week my goals are:
1.  Go to a Kaia Klass 4x (it's summer break, I can do it!)
2.  Cook 2 Whole30 Meals
3.  SLEEP!!!

I will let you know if I held to it!  


  1. First of all, your page is ridiculously adorable Michelle! :) Secondly, I totally relate to this! I was so good about my fitness and diet prior to my wedding ( two years ago) . Then, I did the whole "nesting" thing for a bit longer than I probably should have and am just now getting back into taking the best care of my body that I can! The whole 30 recipes look great. I'll have to try them along with my piyo so that I'm ready to tackle this new school year! :)

  2. This sounds so wonderful and uplifting! You should do the 30days and make sure to tell us all about it because that food looks so delish I just might have to try it out- even though I am theeeee worst cool ever!!

    Teaching with Hope

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