Breezing Through Back To School Blog Hop

Has anyone else been making trips to Target bi-weekly (maybe tri....)?!?!?  I want to share my kindergarten back to school supply list!  I know all school districts are different.  Some pay for all the supplies, some parents pay for the supplies and some teachers pay for all of the supplies!  I have some ideas of what are the "must haves" for kindergarten.

If you are looking for a minimal supply list... Here is what I would suggest that is MANDATORY to have in the classroom:

Mandatory Class Supplies:
Large pencils

Some schools, you can't ask for parent donations or a supply list.  That leaves some of us purchasing the supplies!  When that has been the case for me, these are the items that I start out with, and then purchase more once I get to know my group of kids and what they might need. :)

If you are at a school in which your parents are given a supply list, and they bring in truck loads of supplies the first day of school (I am not kidding) then this is a more "generous" list of items that I would "wish" to have.
I categorized my supplies, so is the first set:

 Drawing Supplies:
12 colored pencils
24 regular crayons
16 large crayons (to have them use the first couple months of school)
10 thin markers
10 thick/large markers

Writing Supplies:
large pencils (for the beginning of the year)
regular pencils

Art Supplies:
glue sticks (the MORE THE MERRIER) 
pencil box (just a rectangle box like the one below)
glue bottle
paint set

Extra Supplies:
index cards
post it notes
folders (homework and desk)
Expo markers
Ziplock bags

More ideas that aren't included in the pictures that I either end up needing or purchase myself:
paper plates
hand sanitizer

I hope this list helps if you are new to kinder or needing some new ideas!!

Head over to A Day in First Grade to see what Kristen has to share! :)


  1. I love looking at other supply lists to see how mine compares! LOL! Very similar! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Expos??! Great idea! That's going on my list this year. I also ask for a change of clothes from my Prek'ers.

  3. Looks like you are organized and ready to go.....feel free to come to my room and help me do the same!! hehe I am good until all of those supplies come in and then I freak!

  4. I feel like I'm at Target on a daily basis! Looks like you are ready for the new year. I hope you have a great year!

  5. What a perfect list! I ditto everything on here!

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