Dr. Seuss Decor

This year I have decided to do a Dr. Seuss themed classroom!  This is my FIRST time doing a classroom theme and I am BEYOND excited about it!  
Michaels is hosting a back to school crafting challenge from August 1st to August 15th on Instagram and I decided to do a couple of Dr. Seuss decor crafts for the competition.  Each day one person will win a $50 gift card to their store!
Anyone and everyone can participate in the crafting contest.  Here is how you participate:
1.  Post a photo of something that you crafted on Instagram
2.  Tag @MichaelsStores and use the two hashtags- #create2educate and #sweepstakes
3.  In order to have YOUR entry shared on Michaels' website, you must give them permission.  To do this go to Michaels' Instragram, and click on the link on their profile.  That will lead you to the web page to give them permission to share your photo. (the link is not live yet, but this will be the link: Michaels.com/Create2Educate)

I was going through the books in my class library and I noticed a common theme... several of my Dr. Seuss books were worn, ripped, and colored in! :(  At first I was so upset, but then a GENIUS idea came to mind!  Instead of throwing them away, I decided to craft with them!  I absolutely love March when everything is about Dr. Seuss, so I thought I would make it my classroom theme!  Instead of using primary colors, I decided to use mostly the bright pops of color (that I already have my classroom decorated with) for the backgrounds and use the actual illustrations from the books in my crafting.  

I wanted to make some wall decor for behind my desk.  These are the colors that will tie my whole room together.

Here are the supplies that I used to make the Dr. Seuss wall decor:
1. old, used, scribbled on Dr. Seuss Books
2.  Really small, thin canvas
3.  scrapbook paper
4.  ribbon
5.  Mod Podge (basically crafting glue that dries clear) and a paint brush
6.  scissors

My first step was to wrap the thin canvas with scrapbook paper.  

Here is a side view of the canvas'.  They are REALLY thin, but it creates a sturdy surface for my Dr. Seuss decor!

To Mod Podge the scrapbook paper to the canvas only took a couple of minutes.  First I glued the canvas to the center of the paper.  Then I started wrapping the sides and gluing them down.  It felt like I was wrapping a present!  One tip is to cut the corners so when you fold the paper over, you don't have excess paper hanging off.  

Above you can see all of the sides are glued down to the back of the canvas.  When I flipped it over, I noticed an "ugly" glue print on the front side.  The good news is, when I Mod Podged the black paper down, the wrinkle was completely gone!  I centered a black paper in the middle, to create a bright border of green paper.  This black paper became the backdrop so my Dr. Seuss clippings would POP!

Once I was ready with my covered canvas backdrop, I cut some illustrations out of the book!  It was hard for me to actually CUT apart Dr. Seuss' books, EVEN though they were extremely worn (it felt disrespectful or something!!!)  Once I got over the dramatic cutting issue ;) I started looking for illustrations that would be easy to cut around!  I avoided illustrations with words close by AND images that had a lot of detail around the edges.

I picked this elephant illustration from Oh, the Thinks you can Think because the elephants were adorable AND the purple popped against the green and black background.  I just painted Mod Podge on the back of the elephant clipping, and pressed it down to the black.  Then I added another layer on top of the clipping and all over the black paper.

To add texture, a border, and more color, I added ribbon to each black edge.  Mod Podge will work with ribbon too!  I just placed the glue onto the black paper and pressed the ribbon down.  Once all four sides were in place, I added another layer of glue to the top of the ribbon.

Take a look below of all four of my Dr. Seuss DIY decor canvases.  :)

The picture above is my favorite one, because you can see the page number "23" on the corner of the Green Eggs and Ham illustration!

I haven't decided where to hang these yet in my room, but I will post a photo when I find the perfect place for them!  :)

Head over to Instagram and look up the hashtag #create2educate to see all of the crafts that people are making for the contest!  If you haven't made a craft yet, you have until August 15th to participate!


  1. What a cute idea!!! They turned out so adorable!! :)
    Mrs. Black's Bees

  2. Those came out so cute! Thanks for inspiring me!

  3. Those came out great! I loved spending my $$ at Michaels too. Can't wait to see your classroom with this theme.

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  5. Too cute! You could sell these on Etsy!