Letters of the Week A-Z and a SALE!!!

The back to school sale is officially here!  I don't know about you, but I have my TpT shopping cart FULL of goodies that I am ready to buy!  When you go shopping don't forget to use the code {BTS14} to get 28% off!!!

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I want to introduce to you my Letter of the Week: Growing Bundle!  This is my first growing bundle, and I am really excited about it!  I have had several requests to bundle my Letter of the Week packs, but I haven't finished them yet!  I decided to bundle them BEFORE they are all finished so you can get the discount upfront if you want to purchase all of them.  I will update the pack once a new letter is done, and you can download the newest editions!  

For each letter there are 5 printables, a letter poster, and a decodable.  The style of the each letter printables are the same, they just change for the particular letter the kids are focusing on.

The students circle and trace the letter.

This is a lower- and uppercase, cut and paste sort.  I used fun fonts so the students can be exposed to different fonts that they will encounter in real life!

The students color (or circle) the pictures that begin with the letter sound.

I included a 5 page decodable where the students trace the letter and word.  The pattern repeats on each page, "___ is for _____."

On this page the students can trace the letters and the two words at the bottom of the page.

Here is a sample of the letter picture card that can be displayed around your room or at your writing center.

For the last printable, the students write the letter, color it, and draw a picture of something that begins with that letter sound.

These are the letters that are completed so far:

Here is a sample of the Letter D pack:

I wanted to share with you another new back that I made:

These could be used in kindergarten or first grade, depending on where your kids are at when they come back from summer break.  ;)
These follow my themed sentence packs, but for the fall one, I decided to differentiate within the pack.  For each fall topic, there is a sheet for them to write a sentence OR a word.  That way if you have diverse learners, they can do either sheet depending on their learning needs. 
 Look at the sample below...

I hope you have fun shopping!!!

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