"Must Haves" for the beginning of the year!

Since the beginning of the school year is almost here,  I wanted to share with you some of my FAVORITE THINGS when going back to school!

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One of my MUST HAVES is a stick jar.  This little goodie keeps me organized and keeps things "fair" when calling on students in the classroom.  Last year, I assigned each student a number, and I wrote all of the numbers on a stick.  On one side of the stick I added Washi Tape.  If the tape was at pointing up, that meant the student had not been called on yet.  When I was ready to call on a student, I would pick a stick with the tape facing up, and then I would put it back in the jar facing down.  This would allow each student to get a chance before I called on someone twice.

On the first day of school, especially kindergarten, the kids in your class might not know each other.  This can make recess time very scary for the little ones if they don't have someone to play with.  Well, one little thing that will bring a smile to EVERY face are bubbles!!! I just bring my bubble wand out to the playground, let the bubbles fly, and in a couple of seconds everyone is playing, laughing, and trying to catch the bubbles.  This often gets the kids to relax and they transition from playing with the bubbles to playing something else together.  :)

Washi tape is a MUST in the classroom.  I like to decorate things with the colorful tape AND if you put it on the whiteboard, it peels off without leaving a mark! :)

I am obsessed with pens.  These are absolutely my favorite pens in the world.  They write smoothly, have a lot of ink, and are SO colorful!  These are a MUST when going back to school.

Last but not least, another must is a flash drive.  I am constantly making things at home, and need to print them at work,  the easiest way for me to transport the files is with a flash drive.  I have one little problem...I always misplace it!  My solution this year was to get a Batman flash drive... this way it will be hard to misplace and easy for the kids to help me find it!  {How are little kids so good at finding things?!}

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  1. Bubbles for new students on the first day of school is BRILLIANT!!! Thanks for that idea!!!! :)

    Soaring Through Second

  2. Your blog is adorable! I'm a Washi tape addict. They are just so cute.

  3. I too am a Washi tape addict. Not an addiction that I plan on giving up anytime soon! I love your post. I can tell that we have a lot in common:) Thanks for linking up with us!
    Take care,

  4. I just entered the amazing giveaway you are offering (I am your newest follower) I would be very appreciative if you hopped over to check out my giveaway! It ends in approximately 24 hours. Thanks so much =)
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