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Gingerbread Man: A Christmas Book Inspired Craft

I’m joining in with a few of my friends to bring you a collection of holiday themed books and some inspired crafts and activities.

December is always an exciting time of year, full of joy and wonder for young children.  To capture this, I want to share some gingerbread activities with you!

The Gingerbread Man
(You can pick up a copy on Amazon)

Here is my Gingerbread Math and Language Arts Unit that I LOVE using with my class!

I am just teaching my students how to "clap" syllables.  They LOVE using this center as they practice sorting the pictures by the number of syllables that they hear.

We are practicing counting and matching it with the number.  I have some advanced students that are able to actually read the number word!  This activity allows me differentiate among my learners.

The students have the MOST fun making the gingerbread craft!!! I let them pick if they want to make the boy or girl!

I found these gingerbread cookies at my local Albertons grocery store!  I want to have them decorated as a boy and girl, and then we can all eat a piece after we read the story!

If you want a chance to win a copy of my gingerbread unit.. please enter below!

There are so many more holiday books that have AMAZING resources to accompany them!!!  Hop through the blogs below to see all of the bloggers that have linked up!


Dab it! Sight Word Practice

I am having an EXTREMELY difficult time getting my students to memorize the sight words.  It is seriously like pulling teeth this year.  I needed something fun and engaging to get them excited about practicing the words.  I noticed that they LOVED using the paint dabbers...I thought I would combine the two!

 I bought my paint dabbers at Michaels craft store, but I know you can buy them at any teacher supply store.  I also found them at the Dollar Tree!!!

Each sheet focuses on a different sight word.  When I gave these to my students, I was able to differentiate and give them a specific word that they needed practice on!  This sight word practice pack focuses on the Dolch Pre-Primer words.

Some teachers asked how I make sure they don't make a mess with the paint.  I told my students that they got ONE chance to use them correctly.  They were allowed to dab each sight word one time.  If I saw them messing around with the paint, I took it away and they had to complete the assignment using a crayon instead... it worked like a charm! ;)

Another one of our weaknesses is learning the color words.  This became apparent when we were reading our decodable or doing a color by color word math assignment.  I changed the theme of the Dab the Color Word pack to superheros!  The kids LOVED this one!!!!

The students channeled their inner superhero to practice reading color words.  They were completely engaged when we were doing this dabber activity!