Gift Tags for the HOME!

I just posted some free gift tags for you students, but here are some you can you use for YOUR friends and family!  I just started wrapping my gifts (late, I know...) and I didn't have any tags!  I made these bad boys, printed them out, and added them to my presents.  :)

Click HERE to download! :)

P.S. I LOVE being at the mall during the Christmas season.  I love the hustle and bustle, the crowds, the long lines, the Christmas decorations...all of it!  But I have a new conclusion.  I love it BEFORE December 20th.  I went to the mall yesterday and seriously wanted to pull my hair took me 45 minutes just to get out of the mall traffic!  I totally envy those people that are done with their shopping before Thanksgiving, but I am SO not one of those people.  Here is a picture of Herc...and this is how tired I felt after braving the mall...

(omg he is so cute!!!)


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