Chalkboard Brights Bulletin Board Display

Look at the newest line from Teacher Created Resources!!!!  It is called Chalkboard Brights!  I was SO excited when they came out with these new colors because they match my room perfectly!  Take a look at how I used some of their products...

I have letter/picture/sound cards that I am required to post in my classroom (thank you Open Court) and they are really low under my whiteboard.  I noticed that when the kids are at their desks, they were having trouble seeing the letters.  I placed this letter line HIGH up above the whiteboard so they could clearly see the letters from their seats!

My favorite piece from the Chalkboard Bright collection is this welcome banner!  My students were so excited to see the different letters and even MORE excited to see it spelled a word!  I am saving this bad boy for Open House in the spring, I will hang it outside to welcome the parents!

We are practicing taking ownership and pride in our work and I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to introduce a "Star Student Work" board.  I used some of my whiteboard space (I have a whole wall filled with whiteboard).  

How it works is, each time we do a writing assignment I "pick" (fairly rotate) 3 different pieces of writing to display on the board.  They will stay up until our next writing assignment.  The students were beaming with pride when they saw their writing up on our special wall!

Lastly, I needed a new incentive for positive behavior in my classroom.  I haven't tried a sticker chart with my kids yet, and this seemed like the perfect chance!  

Each student will get their own sticker chart and earn stickers when they are caught displaying positive behavior!  Want to know a secrete?  I don't have a prize when they fill up the sticker start!!!  Shhhhh don't tell them that they are supposed to earn a reward.  For most of my students this is their first sticker chart and the simple accomplishment of filling it up, having the class cheer, and sending it home is a wonderful reward!!!!

For more details about which products I used, check out Teacher Created Resources' newest line: Chalkboard Brights.


Glitter Glue Management Tip!

I NEED to share this idea with you!!!  I shared it on my Instagram, and I received such positive feedback, I thought I should share it here too!  It all has to do with this magical, beautiful, ENGAGING.... glitter glue!

When I am introducing a new cut and paste printable, I model the whole worksheet with the class.  This can be boring for the advanced students, but I feel that it is a necessity to ensure success for the majority of the class.  I teach them how to problem solve when they don't know what to do, and things like that.  Once we are finished, I hide my completed copy and then they complete their own worksheet independently (or with a partner).  

Here is the secrete trick.  I bought this pretty glitter glue at Big Lots.  When I am modeling our worksheet, I place these glue bottles next to me.  Whoever was paying attention and participating during the lesson gets to use the glitter glue on their own worksheet!!! You would be surprised at how quite they are!

Since almost all of them are behaving in order to get to use the glue... I try and pick three students that don't get recognized for good behavior that often!  The other day I actually picked six students and they shared the glue!  

Seriously.  Genius.  


Love is in the Air Giveaway!

In the spirit of Valentine's Day we wanted to have a LOVELY giveaway where you have the chance to win a 16 GB iPad Air 2!!  You have SEVERAL chances to win this bad boy, just look below to see how you can enter to win!

In addition to the iPad Air giveaway, each blogger is having a mini giveaway on her blog for you to win some amazing prized to enhance technology in your classroom!  I will be giving away a $25 gift card to Amazon for you spend however you want!

Hop on over to all of the other bloggers who are participating in this giveaway!


Pinterest Fail

Ok, I have seen this "turn a paper towel roll into a heart stamp" a million times on Pinterest, so I thought it would be SUPER simple.  Well... it was simple, but it didn't turn out as cute as the pictures!    Maybe you can give me some tips if you have tried this in your classroom.  

The main problem was the paint wasn't pressed evenly on the paper (maybe I didn't cut the roll perfectly?).  The hearts started looking better and better once the roll was used a lot and started getting soggy.  

Take a look...

I expected the hearts to be perfectly shaped...nope.  Some of them bubbled at the end which ended up filling the whole inside of the heart.

The good news is my learning goal was accomplished with this activity.  I wanted to create a fun, engaging way to get the kids to practice addition.  We conquered that goal and that is the most important part!

After the students stamped their two colors, they wrote there addition sentence to match the stamps.

In the end, they had fun stamping and adding their paint hearts...another successful day in Kindergarten!

If you want a copy of this sheet you can download it HERE.  Maybe you have a better way of painting hearts, or can use stickers or something fun!

(PS. Can I get a slow clap for blogging two days in a row?!?!?!)


Counting Practice for Valentine's Day

I recycled a center that I made a couple of years ago.  My students are really struggling with counting their teen numbers.  This is a fun and CHEAP Valentine's Day math center that you could use in your classroom!

I purchased a couple of heart necklace packs at the dollar store, then I cut them up into various lengths for the kids to count the little hearts.

We use whiteboards a lot in my class to avoid wasting paper during center time.  The students took a necklace strand, counted the hearts, and wrote the corresponding number on the whiteboard.

They were engaged by picking the different colored heart strands.  I think their favorite part was feeling all of the necklaces between their fingers. ;)

I was happy to see after a couple of minutes they had list of numbers that they had counted to!  They read their list of numbers to a friend at their table.  

Easy and two favorite things! :)